Monday, 28 April 2014

A lot of Art Lessons

Oh dear, a bit behind with the blogging I see.  But I have not been slacking on the art front, loving the Obsessions Mixed Media with Gulfsprite - above is my latest inspiration from the last lesson - Its a self portrait attempt before we were taught to do it, knowing it was coming up I had a go - my friend says it does look like me so thats a start.
Here is the 'work in progress' of this weeks lesson, going to be finished in oils which I am really looking forward too, but having to await their arrival before I can finish off, and some new brushes to apply it with.
I am really loving these mixed media backgrounds we have been taught, I even ordered a new journal so I can practice some more.. still not enough hours in the day though.  I am also studying two books, one is portraits were I had a try at my husband and dog (he's not seen it yet LOL)
It can only get better right?  Next time use softer lines, yes I know that now...
My other teaching book is on Charcoal, I love charcoal and pastel - luckily I can do these together in time, such an interesting medium and when studied that there is so much more to it than just scribbling with some vine or refining with a charcoal pencil its fascinating, here is one of my latest practice pages..
Again not enough hours in the day, and its getting too warm in there in the day and I dont have the right lighting for evening work.  I have a plan to sort all that out soon, so fingers crossed.  I really need to be able to spend more time in my studio, so changes need to be made to that end.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Then I found charcoal

Whilst STILL trying to get to grips with the pastels I fell upon Charcoal too, above is my first attempt in my sketch book.  I then wondered if it would be possible to do a mixed media piece with charcoal and pastel............

Nice idea, but it needs a bit more work.  The background was paints and inks, with clear gesso on top to then use the dryer mediums was the idea, it did not work as well as I had hoped so more research needed on that score.
Not done as much art as I would like this week, life got in the way - has a habit of doing that, still not got cheque from insurance company to replace the ceilings so not even thought about that since let alone sorted it out, luckily leaks seem to be finally cured now so just need all the repairs doing.

Still doing my courses too - this month 'Obsessions' is mixed media faces, and they are 'really' mixed media with all sorts of things I have never used before which is a lot of fun, this was this weeks work.. starting with a transfer so it is not my face but one of Christie's from Gulfsprite I just did the painting etc as per instruction.
Enjoyed all there was too learn on this last week, looking forward to this weeks class.