Sunday, 29 June 2014

Art 101, day 29

Wow, its got to day 29 already.  Cant say I have managed an art work 'every' day, I did have a week off.  But back in the swing of it now - above is the neon coloured paper I showed at the end of yesterday's blog post, amazing as it was it turned into an owl, not something I would usually choose to tackle.  But I had a lot of fun with it and added some collage elements at the end.  Whilst doing this (and some happy mail I forgot to resize) I used up the paint on the on going canvas.. still no idea were this one is going.........
If it doesn't turn into something soon I am going to paint a face on it.  Lastly I took out my sketchbook and had a go at a face from a magazine, choosing something I hoped would look less 'flat' too add more expression too.  I am quite happy with her now, wonder just how badly I can make it go when I add paint though.........
Funny thing is we are struggling with a rather 'rubbish' network connection at the moment, not sure who is at fault yet it needs more tests and OH has been out all day then back at work tomorrow so no idea when it will be fixed.  As frustrating as this is as many before me find less time on the internet is more time doing art and I think better results too? or maybe that is just my good frame of mind at the moment?  Either way I am happy with today's results and hope tomorrow will be as good.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Lifebook Lessons

Last weeks lesson was with Effy Wild.  This had to be one of my favourite's and one I had to take part in as Effy was my very first on-line teacher and my introduction to the Art Journal was when I discovered her on line.  So, (above) although nearly 3 years down the line my faces are STILL not as good as her's are but I like them much more than I did.
Then this weeks lesson was with Kate Thompson, who is excellent at teaching portrait art, she is preparing a new course in this I would be very interested in taking, I learnt a lot from this lesson.

Not done so much art this week at all, as I mentioned in my last blog post its not been a good time really.  Now I have this wretched headache I cant shift too - on the advice of a Facebook friend I have purchased some 'Feverfew' there are great reviews for this to help shift migraines and headaches so see how it goes, sadly it takes a month or so to kick in - wish it would work in a day!  I also have a 'bed of nails' on the way.... go google it!! Sounds amazing, its all about accupressure - so hopefully by next month all will be very well indeed.

Still not too thrilled with my new art studio, until I get this furniture sold I just do not have enough space to get around in, all my units are the wrong way round.. fingers crossed as no bids on it so far, but still has four days to go.  So, I cant get at my canvas at the moment either so started off a new painting today just on paper..
I was feeling 'neon' today:)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bags in the Garden

At weekend I took out a box full of older stock to photograph out in the lovely weather in a relative's beautiful garden.  I was always taught when selling things should have a plain white background, I used to spend hours in photoshop achieving this, precious time wasted if you ask me.  I like them this way!
The decision has now been made (or at least it was last week) that the bags are the past and my Art is my future.. So, all the bags I made are to be listed in  My Etsy Shop at less than half price so they may find new homes and I will gain more storage space.
Unfortunatly despite having got all the photographs done, and the first two of the bags listed in my shop alongside some of the others already there - the second part of the plan fell apart.  I made the HUGE mistake of visiting this relative in the first place, but worse than that actually discussing my plans - being told 'Well, you are more mental than I thought' has not helped my confidence at all.  I know I should not listen, but the old anxiety returned and I was completely crushed.
Despite having spent the rest of the weekend swapping rooms so I gain a larger studio space, I am yet to pick up a paintbrush or pencil...
Now I 'know' as an artist one of the first things to learn is not to listen to negative feedback, unless it has some form of construction to it and is from someone who knows (like another artist).
I also know that people who cause you so much distress should be avoided at all costs - but what do you do when it is a family member who causes that upset?
Well, I am off to draft list all these bags - there are two already in the shop but the more of the groundwork I do now the better.  Still another few yet to be photographed, but I doubt it will be in the pretty garden this time.  Lets hope my next post is an Arty one!

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Its all Work in Progress, but its all FUN.

So, first of all here is my new canvas I began yesterday, just a few layers of paint, spray ink and pattern.  The light has done it no favours.. but here it is today..
This is the cool layers of blue's and greens I used acrylic inks which are nice and bright, think I am in shadow here though, then started with some white ready to do some white and black mark making next.
Also still working on the HUGE one, this is how it looked yesterday..
..and then today added quite a bit of water spray along with the cool colour inks to see how it went.. I can see a few idea's forming here...
Also started a couple of 9" x 7" Acrylic paper pages.. there is no waste paint or ink here!
Notice my colours seem to be getting a lot bolder?

Had a very productive day today, now usually Thursday is not one of the good days - have a lot on in the 'real life' thing and not so much free time, but less time on PC makes for more time in art room, as does salad for tea (again) LOL.
Finally, if blogger will let me.. I have done the first 2 layers in this weeks Lifebook lesson with Effy Wild.. enjoying this one too.
Planning to watch the next video tonight ready for phase 3 tomorrow...

So, there is nothing actually finished as yet but plenty going on and lots of fun being had.  I will be adding my 3rd little painting to my Etsy shop (see right) tomorrow too, I sold yesterday's art postcard along with a bag too so that was a good day.

Better think about feeding the husband soon, good job he does not mind salad and pasta..

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Joy on the page

I had a finishing off day today.  This page was almost done, just a few finer details.  I like the hair and love the quote and the coloured background.. so this is going to find its way onto a canvas at some point in the future.  In case you cannot make out the writing it says "I am one of those people who just cant help getting a kick out of life, even when its a kick in the teeth" by Polly Adler.  This really made me smile.

Also finished off this page today in my smaller dylusions journal - I do prefer to work on a larger scale as a rule but the variety is often a good thing I find.
I do like the faces on these two, plenty of practice is always a good thing.  I was going to show the progress I am making on the HUGE canvas, but alas I forgot to resize the photo I took so that will have to wait for another time - reading Flora Bowley's book I got a new tip on the paints I was using that were not really flowing as I had hoped, so I did a new layer or two today with different paints and had much better progress.  So much so that I began another canvas too, this one is 20" x 16" so not as big, but enough for me.

Many of my new pals in the Art101 group find the free painting difficult to do.. I totally love it, I feel I was just born to do this, shame I didnt discover it over 40 years ago really, life would have been a lot different.  I am far happier now than I have been in a very long time and I do believe it shows in the art works I am producing.  Joy really does show on a page...

Monday, 16 June 2014

I did it!

Yes, its just an art postcard, but its now in my Etsy shop - the first of my artworks for sale.  From joining the Art101 group this was the intention and with the encouragement of the wonderful artists in the group I have made a start, you can find my very first item here Etsy Shop Link

My prices are very good as I just want to share my art and would be totally thrilled if anyone loved it enough to want it too.  But be warned, when I am a household name I will of course be adding 'zero's' to those prices.  I cannot sell canvas as yet, as need to raise some funds for proper packaging - I am also starting to reduce all the prices on my bags to 'next to nothing' to make some space in the spare room, and free up the boxes they are kept in.

Here is one of the canvas I made a very layered background on before finishing her off, she just needs some varnish now then she is good to go..
Of course it is that time of year where I cannot do as much art as I would like as the room is just too hot to work in for long, and I am STILL waiting for the work to be done on my ceiling and decorating, now 'meant' to be next week but I wont hold my breath - only waited since February for this..
I know most people in the UK love the warmer weather but afraid I do not, my house is like a small furnace and my 'quiet' morning dog walk isnt so quiet, which is not an easy walk with a difficult dog.  In an ideal world I would either move out to the top of Scotland from June - September or just go live there for good, damn those lottery numbers!

Monday, 9 June 2014

Then Came a LARGER Canvas

A couple of years ago from somewhere or other - I found some 'COURAGE' soon after this, it was lost again.  At this time I purchased some rather large canvas from car boot sales, that I could paint over without worrying of the cost of the canvas.  This was my first, I painted all the outside with black acrylic paint, then added some colour and scrapped about........... then lost my nerve, eventually put it away.
Two days ago I got it out, assembled the easel, dug out a groundsheet for the floor and had some fun..
Influenced by Flora Bowley (who's book hasnt turned up yet, but hopefully will tomorrow) and the blog post I mentioned by Iris, I began some free painting.
I did a bit more today, and ended up at this stage............
Not so sure it will stay like this, who knows what will happen tomorrow.............  I cannot begin to tell you just how much fun this is to do.
The canvas although HUGE to me, is not as big as some I have seen worked on.  It is 30" by 20".

Thank you for reading, and thank you to my fabulous new arty friends at Art 101 for visiting and leaving comments - love seeing all your work each day:)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Art 101 Inspiration

Its already day 6 on Art 101 and I have kept up very well, every day viewing all the wonderful art works in the group from the other artists is an inspiration and encouragement.

Above is my day 4 contribution. 
Today though I had the biggest inspiration of all (so far) in the form of a blog post by one of the artists 'Iris' from Iris Impressions - you can read all about it here Iris Blog Link after reading the post I rushed off, got out all my dusty inks I have never really used as yet (thank you Dawn) and this is what then happened.
here is a closer look at the canvas I had already painted a few layers and collaged on..
I barely had the time to put on a painting shirt, and certainly no time to remember the barrier cream or get out gloves, so I do look even worse than this now, but had a lot of fun getting there.
You see, what I have been learning is all about 'letting go' and enjoying the process more.   Out of the whole inspirational post of Iris, the best line that spoke to me was this one "ITS OKAY NOT TO KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT".   I think what inspired Iris and a lot of us is the talk on Lifebook by Flora Bowley, how I wish I could afford to take one of her classes - but again, totally inspired by this morning I have rushed off and ordered her book on Amazon, not due for another 5 DAYS!! though, that will be a long wait.  You can read more about Flora Bowley here Flora's Website

After making all that mess above I had to go out, which was good as it all needed to dry.  I came home and added more ink and gesso had a bit more play and ended up with this... just for today..
No idea what they will become yet....... but thats OKAY!!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Art 101

Well, there was a large silence from me!  I did loose mojo for a while and have a few 'issues' going on.  But thanks to the wonderful Stephanie who I know from Lifebook UK I have joined this fantastic group of artists and accepted a challenge to achieve 101 works of art in as many days, this begin on June 1st 2014.  To read all about the reasons and how this came about see Stephanie's blog on her website here Two Raggy Doodles.

I am also now to start adding my works of art to my Etsy shop - link here on the right.  Not started that as yet as I have been struggling for time, but that is the plan for this month.

Here is my day 1, Its on A5 watercolour paper, and mixed media.
..and for day 2 I did a mixed media postcard..
Keeping things a bit smaller so I can keep up. Though I do have a canvas up on the easel I am making a start on, lots of colours and layers so that will take time.

Also waiting on the mounts I have ordered to present my art in.

Its very exciting and the group of people in Art 101 are totally amazing and so encouraging of each other its a real joy to be a part of.  Hopefully I will blog more often in the future.

Today I also managed this weeks Lifebook 2014 lesson with Tam.
Not every day gives me so much time to art, only wish it did....