Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Joy on the page

I had a finishing off day today.  This page was almost done, just a few finer details.  I like the hair and love the quote and the coloured background.. so this is going to find its way onto a canvas at some point in the future.  In case you cannot make out the writing it says "I am one of those people who just cant help getting a kick out of life, even when its a kick in the teeth" by Polly Adler.  This really made me smile.

Also finished off this page today in my smaller dylusions journal - I do prefer to work on a larger scale as a rule but the variety is often a good thing I find.
I do like the faces on these two, plenty of practice is always a good thing.  I was going to show the progress I am making on the HUGE canvas, but alas I forgot to resize the photo I took so that will have to wait for another time - reading Flora Bowley's book I got a new tip on the paints I was using that were not really flowing as I had hoped, so I did a new layer or two today with different paints and had much better progress.  So much so that I began another canvas too, this one is 20" x 16" so not as big, but enough for me.

Many of my new pals in the Art101 group find the free painting difficult to do.. I totally love it, I feel I was just born to do this, shame I didnt discover it over 40 years ago really, life would have been a lot different.  I am far happier now than I have been in a very long time and I do believe it shows in the art works I am producing.  Joy really does show on a page...


  1. Love the colours in the first page. And great faces!

    Glad to hear the intuitive painting is your kind of thing!! I've been working on my two pieces a bit, but I think one of my problems is that they're not big enough! I keep having to wait for the paint to be dry.

  2. Love your work and great faces, Faces are not my strong point. I love free intuitive painting. Originally I am a super neat perfectionist but I am working more and more free, messy and loving it. Signed up for Flora's next session of Bloom True. I think it starts in October after the Art101 challenge has finished. Meanwhile reading her book and playing with it.

  3. Thanks Iris, I see today you have had a breakthrough and things are getting better - I have to wait too thats why I have so much on the go.
    Thanks Carla, I love it too - would love to take Flora's next class - cant see me being able to afford it though, can but hope.