Friday, 27 June 2014

Lifebook Lessons

Last weeks lesson was with Effy Wild.  This had to be one of my favourite's and one I had to take part in as Effy was my very first on-line teacher and my introduction to the Art Journal was when I discovered her on line.  So, (above) although nearly 3 years down the line my faces are STILL not as good as her's are but I like them much more than I did.
Then this weeks lesson was with Kate Thompson, who is excellent at teaching portrait art, she is preparing a new course in this I would be very interested in taking, I learnt a lot from this lesson.

Not done so much art this week at all, as I mentioned in my last blog post its not been a good time really.  Now I have this wretched headache I cant shift too - on the advice of a Facebook friend I have purchased some 'Feverfew' there are great reviews for this to help shift migraines and headaches so see how it goes, sadly it takes a month or so to kick in - wish it would work in a day!  I also have a 'bed of nails' on the way.... go google it!! Sounds amazing, its all about accupressure - so hopefully by next month all will be very well indeed.

Still not too thrilled with my new art studio, until I get this furniture sold I just do not have enough space to get around in, all my units are the wrong way round.. fingers crossed as no bids on it so far, but still has four days to go.  So, I cant get at my canvas at the moment either so started off a new painting today just on paper..
I was feeling 'neon' today:)

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