Monday, 2 June 2014

Art 101

Well, there was a large silence from me!  I did loose mojo for a while and have a few 'issues' going on.  But thanks to the wonderful Stephanie who I know from Lifebook UK I have joined this fantastic group of artists and accepted a challenge to achieve 101 works of art in as many days, this begin on June 1st 2014.  To read all about the reasons and how this came about see Stephanie's blog on her website here Two Raggy Doodles.

I am also now to start adding my works of art to my Etsy shop - link here on the right.  Not started that as yet as I have been struggling for time, but that is the plan for this month.

Here is my day 1, Its on A5 watercolour paper, and mixed media.
..and for day 2 I did a mixed media postcard..
Keeping things a bit smaller so I can keep up. Though I do have a canvas up on the easel I am making a start on, lots of colours and layers so that will take time.

Also waiting on the mounts I have ordered to present my art in.

Its very exciting and the group of people in Art 101 are totally amazing and so encouraging of each other its a real joy to be a part of.  Hopefully I will blog more often in the future.

Today I also managed this weeks Lifebook 2014 lesson with Tam.
Not every day gives me so much time to art, only wish it did....

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