Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Quick Sketch Practice

Oh dear, not so prepared today - and so far done NOTHING creative at all.  Really must go put some more paint on my unit at least in a mo.  Above is some sketch practice I was doing the other night, I then turned it into a journal page.  Often I can sketch faces ok (well, to my own satisfaction) if I paint them they are just awful though, this one is coloured with promarkers and pencils, and some ink pen.

Not such a creative day, as I am short on time - things to do this morning, that lead to other stuff and its dog club tonight with the naughty one.  Also having some major car problems, in truth I need another car.. with the best will in the world this one is not going to pass an MOT but short of a donation from a rich relative (LOL, no chance) or a lottery win its not looking good.  I really want a nice little car with low milage, low tax, low ins, automatic and cheap!!! not the easiest of things to find.  If I could drive a manual things would be a bit easier, but due to knee damage thats not possible.

Better go feed the hungry hounds, and do a bit of painting.. if I dont shape myself soon I will have nothing but some undercoated chest of drawers to show you next!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Brightest Star in the Sky

Everyone knows I lost my beautiful Tess on December 16th 2012.  Above was the last photo I took of her a couple of days before..  My blog friend Mick of 'Shpangle" makes the most wonderful jewellery from pet hair, so I did remember to take some of her soft fur to send to him and ask him to make me something to remember her by.  The only clue I gave him was that Tess is now the brightest of Stars, the rest was up to him.

Today I received this in the post - my photo's dont really do it justice as not the easiest thing to photograph.  

This is now hanging in our living room, each of the star's has some of Tess's fur inside.  Most people have their dogs back in an urn or casket, my girl has come home as stars!  My hubby Steve says he is not in the least surprised that Tess has something so special.

Not just that though (I wonder if it has a name - Mick?) but I was also lucky enough to receive a pendant to match.

I also now have some of Tess with me around my neck.

I cant begin to tell Mick just how much I appreciate all his hard work and such an appropriate tribute to my dearest girl.  Please do take a look at his website and all the stunning work he does not just as remembrance gifts but all sorts of designs for pet hair, ashes and human too, also intricate work with grains of rice (amazing stuff!).

Monday, 28 January 2013

The Scrappy Journal

As promised yesterday I said I would show you my new 'Scrappy Journal' which I learnt to do with Christy who is 'Gulfsprite' on youtube etc, you can find the details here to make this journal and to join in with her ning site and further art classes.  I am also taking her 'Portraits' class.

In short, the journal was made up from all scrapbook papers with card front and back, then bound together with twine.  I really enjoyed the process, and am looking forward to decorating my front page and starting to use the art journal.  I did the binding last night.

Today, I have managed quite a bit for me.  I have made a knitting bag and a carrier bag holder, and started the undercoating on the chest of drawers unit and small desk unit.  I am at a bit of a standstill now as half way through cooking tea and no sign of the 'other half' to eat it as yet, so work stopped for now.. hoping to do some of the art journal this evening... and as I type he appears as if by magic!!! so back to the kitchen for me.........

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Peg Bag Project

 Whoops, getting into bad habits again! I cant quite remember what happened to Friday.  It did snow but not too much so I got a lot of the chores done by car and just walked to my parents house at lunchtime, though the rain then washed what there was of snow away so I could have gone by car - I think I must have done my favorite thing of procrastination on Friday afternoon as I don't seem to have got anything done.  

Do see above attempt one at the peg bag, this was from an on-line tutorial but as usual when I try to follow instructions I fail miserably!  So after a couple of hours to get that far the best thing by far was to scrap the whole thing and start again.

Which is were this one came in, this was in part with a description from my Mum of how to go about it and a bit of applied logic, however although it does look okay.. its not really too functional as the bottom bit is too low and the pegs would actually fall out.  So, peg bag number 3 is already on the list.

Yesterday (Saturday) I never do much in the way of creation as it is very much a family day of visiting etc.  But I did start preparing my Scrappy Journal with a single hole punch, instead of a drill.. this was NOT one of my better idea's as due to my impatience and determination to get it done I hurt my hand, resulting in an evening of ice packs and husband having to finish off said journal while I did nothing (aside from complain about the swelling and pain I was in).

I am hoping to do the binding tonight so I can photograph that, both for here and my art group with 'Gulfsprite' so I can show off my results of the tutorial (will link to that when I blog).

Today I took my attempts to the Organic Farm shop to show I was not slacking all week, just didn't have anything good enough to put up for sale as yet.  The wooden handle saga went worse than I thought when it was discussed the handles were not right anyway, not just in construction but in entire design - so new handles will have to be sorted out for the design in mind, cant say I am that disappointed as I was not really enjoying working with those, as I still have a few varying sets of wooden handles left, I might (and that is a big MIGHT) knock up some knitting bags for the Etsy shop with them.  All was not lost though as he did keep my latest carrier bag holder and the peg bag to show another retailer who I am 'hoping' to join in the future.

The rest of today has been spent moaning about the cold - my house is so drafty due to the winds its very cold in here, warmer when its snowing! and investigating were I can get some decent milk from, as I only visit the organic farm shop at weekend theirs wont keep - so I have found somewhere to deliver for me, but I got a bit sidetracked and make a nice shopping list for next week to go with the milk, just waiting for Mum's order too and that will be sorted.  'Real' organic milk (not the stuff they sell at Tesco) has cream on top! remember that? and a taste that is how milk was a long time ago, not only is it healthy and free from all 'nasties' it tastes very good in your tea and coffee.  The downside is it does only keep for 3 days once opened, but that is due to the lack of preservatives, so I just buy smaller ones, it will keep the week in the fridge unopened and you can freeze it too if you wish.

Wow, that's a long post for today - must be because it keeps my fingers warm all that typing!  Will try keep up this week, and stop procrastinating and actually get more done.. it does help having a blog to add progress too, so will try keep at it.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

..and for my next project

I had this bright idea last weekend and had every intention of having made a good start by now, but alas no change as yet (I blame the virus).  Anyway.. whilst searching for some sort of storage for my ever growing art supplies that was within financial reach (as in being given away) I noticed that everything I liked the most - in bright colours, was so expensive.

On further inspection I often found these items to be ordinary furniture 'restored' or 'reclaimed' - I did this many, many years ago with my late uncle (over 20 years to be precise) the usual phrase sprang to mind "How hard can it be?" so I purchased my first chest of drawers, and an ultra cheap letter rack ready to sand down and make into something bright and cheerful!  I havent decided yet whether to then sell it on, or use it myself.  I will update this as I go (gives me something to waffle on about) and take pictures.

I did some art journaling and painting last night, worked a bit on the canvas I showed you earlier - it now has some spray ink, more collage and paint on it.  Today I have been trying to learn how to make a peg bag, this is proving almost as confusing as the wooden handle saga, I will share those efforts tomorrow.  Also managed another carrier bag holder, but this one is lined so a bit happier with this one.

Lastly, anyone who is suffering from any winter virus's I strongly recommend 'MANUKA HONEY' its good stuff.  The one I am currently taking is 15+ and from Aldi (so doesnt cost the earth either).

More snow forcast for tomorrow, so much more walking for me, I dont mind walking just takes away my creative time. still it does me good, and must always remain thankful for the ability there are so many unable to do so much walking and would love the ability.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The wooden handle saga - take 2

Well, its better! But not quite there yet.  The idea works okay except my sewing machine is not strong enough to go through so much fabric.  The best bit of course was my first sewing the handles into the lining and having to unpick the lot and start again.  Take 3 should 'really' have been today - However, on Monday the OH arrived home from work early complaining of flu type symptoms, never being one to keep things to himself he has now shared those symptoms with me and I officially now seen to have 'man flu' so actually doing anything at all is a challenge.  I found sewing a button on to be a bit much really, so trying to get my head around wooden handles was an absolute no-no.

I have taken some photo's for this new blog of creativity, made my first carrier bag holder, hunted high and low for the black elastic I 'did' have, ordered more black elastic, and needle threaders as my eyes are struggling a bit.. and thats about it for today I'm afraid.  Although I must confess to not giving in altogether, I am going to do some painting in my art journal after I've fed the dogs - I refuse to be beaten by a few nasty bugs.. now.. were did I put the manuka honey again?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Collage Canvas

This is my first attempt at an actual mixed media, collage canvas.  I got this far and stopped.  So, the idea is if I show it here I will be encouraged to actually finish it off (if only to have something else to waffle on about).  Its a fairly large canvas, but totally 'reclaimed' as it originated from the charity shop, I did a 'not so good' painting on it, then covered it all in papers and started again.

I did want Pink but I think this is too much pink so time for another play soon.  Today though I must finish off wood handle bag 2, and at least cut out attempt number 3.  Also have some wood sanding to do (might try photo that one for tomorrow).  Also a trip to post office and charity shop before I start, so just as soon as I have drunk this hot cuppa - warming up from earlier dog walk, I will do the going out stuff first.

Still a bit on the chilly side outdoors, no snow left were I live but just a mile or so up the road there is, all very odd.  Hoping to have seen the last of it, as not a big fan of driving on snowy streets tend to do more walking instead then.

Dont forget my January Sale in my Etsy shop

Monday, 21 January 2013

First Post

Hello and Welcome to my new blog and my first creation of the year... or is that my first 'COMPLETED' creation of the year, as I do have a tendency to one or two on going projects.  This one is my attempt at a new style of tote bag by request.  The story is that Clayton (proprietor of manic organic farm shop - found here ) purchased some fun retro fabric with fruit and veg on, this eventually led to the idea of my making tote bags from it and possibly other household items.. anyway, his idea was for wooden handles?? this is a bit of a mystery to me so I have been practicing with some of the fabric from my stash.  Not sure about my first attempt (above).
Yes, my trade is bag making and I have an on-line shop on Etsy this currently has a big January Sale on ready for new stock this year.
I also have an interest in Art, I love painting, sketching, journals, on-line art classes and find simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done I would like - one day I will learn to cope without sleep as I just dont have the time for it.
This blog is for me to share my creativity, and help me to finish more of the projects I start as I show you were I am up to.  Tomorrow I will show you my on-going collage canvas that needs attention, and then my latest project that has just arrived tonight (I am very excited about this one)... and when its done my latest art journal made from scraps (awaiting some drilled holes in order for completion).
Before I go, if anyone can tell me the best way to attach wooden handles please feel free to leave a comment - be much appreciated, I did take 2 today - ready for take 3 tomorrow!