Thursday, 21 November 2013

Winter Girls Class 2

Did I mention how much I love this class? this one was another scary one for me, as a lot of her is 'watercolour' eeeeeeeeeeeeek - deffo not my chosen medium, and she is all one colour too, both very scary starters, but have faith in a good art teacher and all will be well.
Of course there is plenty of mixed media too, and glitter - not that it comes across so well on camera sadly, but trust me there is a lot of sparkle in this too.

You too can sign up for the class - its the one shown on the right here and can be found at Andrea's Classes

Still two left, I am thinking of having them printed into Christmas cards if I can find anywhere to do them quick enough.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Facecinating Winter Girls

Just a quick blog post, as I am eager to get on with the next class.  But here is my interpretation of class one of Andrea Gomoll's Facecinating winter girls class - you can find here Andrea's Class's

This made me quite nervous as it was done on a large canvas, the large one I have is 60cms x 50cms, it was that or A4 and that really was not large enough, so I went for it.

I have done little else since yesterday morning as enjoyed the process so much, and only just finished, the 'snow' is still wet.

Another 3 classes of winter girls to go yet - hurray!!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Just a couple

I like to think the faces I paint are developing, but I still struggle with the 'eye' thing.  Despite the fact I have new spex now, I often wonder whether it is due to my eye problems that this keeps happening - as you see on the above face, the eyes are just totally different - which is such a shame as I was happy with the nose for once and the mouth was okay for me.
How adventurous is this then? I added hands! they are not so bad for a first attempt, but again see the eyes are 'off', maybe I will need to seek out my ruler for the size? but then still struggle with the shapes being equal................

Just 3 more sleeps till the next 'facecinating girls' course for winter faces, see below blog post for details - so its unlikely I will blog again till my first painting from the course - I am excited about it, as I love Andrea's courses, I think its the contageous smile that does it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Winter Art Course - a MUST

Here is my latest face, a bit of a cross I think from the classes I have taken - all worth while.  One of my very favourite classes was with Andrea Gomoll, she is a great teacher and her classes are always such fun here is one of my blog posts from her first class Andrea's class

Well, hasnt she just gone and announced a brand new class of 'Winter Girls' I was already hooked, but the video on her page tells you much more and shows you exactly what you will learn to do (usually more).  It starts on Sunday!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and is 25 Euros, which is a steal here in the UK works out at just over £20, worth every penny I can tell you.  You can find the details here

I finished this one off earlier today, having fun already - but more so on the new course, as much as I love painting, it is often nice to be part of the group and share work, the Fascinating Faces course has a facebook group too, so to share your work and chat with others, and Andrea is always on hand for critique if you should require it - or just for encouragement.

I am thinking of using my winter girls on some cards for this year, see how it goes - but thought it might be a nice use for them.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Fab Faces Course

I am loving this course!!! (Fabulous Faces with Willowing).  I was quite happy with the above face, they are all still what I call 'getting there' faces, but much closer than I was.  I am not getting to do as much art as I would like due to health issues, but on better days do some catch up and I love it.
These are exactly (almost) what I have spent the last couple of years aiming for, I never really wanted to do realistic faces but pretty whimsical type ones - so I am getting happier with the results each time.  Shame about the wonky features at times, this is down to my silly eye problems though I'm afraid, I notice some of the other features are a bit wonky too at times, maybe thats added character..
Never mind, they are making me happy and thats the main thing.......... I have canvas's... one day I will get brave enough to use them.