Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New Winter Art Course - a MUST

Here is my latest face, a bit of a cross I think from the classes I have taken - all worth while.  One of my very favourite classes was with Andrea Gomoll, she is a great teacher and her classes are always such fun here is one of my blog posts from her first class Andrea's class

Well, hasnt she just gone and announced a brand new class of 'Winter Girls' I was already hooked, but the video on her page tells you much more and shows you exactly what you will learn to do (usually more).  It starts on Sunday!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and is 25 Euros, which is a steal here in the UK works out at just over £20, worth every penny I can tell you.  You can find the details here http://andrea-gomoll.de/facecinatinggirls_winter/

I finished this one off earlier today, having fun already - but more so on the new course, as much as I love painting, it is often nice to be part of the group and share work, the Fascinating Faces course has a facebook group too, so to share your work and chat with others, and Andrea is always on hand for critique if you should require it - or just for encouragement.

I am thinking of using my winter girls on some cards for this year, see how it goes - but thought it might be a nice use for them.


  1. Oooh well done! Am loving seeing your progress and I really like the second one :)

  2. Thanks Hannah, nice to see someone reading:)