Friday, 1 November 2013

The Fab Faces Course

I am loving this course!!! (Fabulous Faces with Willowing).  I was quite happy with the above face, they are all still what I call 'getting there' faces, but much closer than I was.  I am not getting to do as much art as I would like due to health issues, but on better days do some catch up and I love it.
These are exactly (almost) what I have spent the last couple of years aiming for, I never really wanted to do realistic faces but pretty whimsical type ones - so I am getting happier with the results each time.  Shame about the wonky features at times, this is down to my silly eye problems though I'm afraid, I notice some of the other features are a bit wonky too at times, maybe thats added character..
Never mind, they are making me happy and thats the main thing.......... I have canvas's... one day I will get brave enough to use them.


  1. These are all really beautiful Lynda. I love the way how you have progressed and I can't wait to see your work on canvas too. I think you should make these into mini prints - that would be lovely.

    Jen x

  2. Thanks Jen, very kind of you. Still not been brave enough to even bring a canvas down let alone start one x

  3. Hi Lynda! I am still loving all your faces and your journey you have been on. I understand totally how health can get in the way at times. I think you are doing beautiful faces and the purple girl has so much emotion! Awesome job and I love that you are still loving it!!! Hugs, Rasz

  4. You know I love your faces already Lynda but I agree, these are your best yet :)
    The one with blue hair is my favourite!

  5. Thank you Rasz, hope your health is doing ok too. Thanks Dawn too, I am feeling far more confident these days and still doing not much else, very true that a face a day really does help.