Monday, 26 August 2013

Very Busy on Portrait Course

Still very busy learning to draw (as of last 2 years LOL) but this time I think I have found the right course, as it is a paid course I cannot give away any of the lessons as this would be unfair to the artist, but if you are interested in his teachings or wish to purchase the course you can find Ethan here on his youtube channel, with plenty of information to his website Drawing Channel

First week I was learning all about shading, I had learnt some of this information from other teachers, but learnt more actual 'technique' here.  Then I have been learning how to draw the eye, above is my first one.  I was quite pleased with it.

The course is quite a serious and intense teaching, (well, it is for me) so I tend to only do about an hour a day.  Then do art journal stuff and maybe a bit of fun illustration.  I was quite happy with a couple of fun illustrations I did this last week..
I am going to print these out to colour and use in my journal - they came about as I saw some similar stamps which I loved but they were far too expensive for me, so figured I could try draw my own - they were only for playing about with and maybe on cards anyway, so better to try be original (I am certainly that)..
I also now have an aim for my art.  My best pal Julie, who is a very talented artist - is going to exhibit next year with a local group, I have wanted to do this for the last two years but never been good enough, hopefully by next year I will be.  Then we are going to aim for our own exhibition at some point in the future...... yes, waiting for me it may well be another couple of years!!! But its something to aim for.

Wretched weather is getting warm again, so I can only use my art room in the morning now really.. AND to make things worse we have a real biting insect problem locally, not sure if its all the UK, but many of us here (especially us dog walkers) are suffering from some nasty bites. So yesterday I had to investigate this problem further......... resulting in ordering some more 'Avon SSS' great stuff for repellant and some Vitamin B Complex, which apparently is another thing the little blighters dont like, also give me a bit of a boost in general.  Sorry for you heat lovers but I really will be glad when Autumn sets in.

OK, back to the 'learning' thing!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WOYWW 220 - whats on your work desk wednesday

If you wish to see what this Wednesday lark is all about see the lovely Julia's blog Here 
Its basically a peek at crafters desk's from around the world, most of them much tidier than mine, but some of a similar nature.
Nope, its not getting any better - infact I see I was not far enough back for you to see the stool next to me piled high with stuff too.  I think I just 'might' have taken on a bit too much...  On the desk easel are my fun faces for the week, these are inspired by Andrea Gomoll's latest youtube video, and have her stamps for the features (I'm not that good).
On the sewing machine is my photo of my parents taken on their Golden Wedding Anniversary... I have just signed up for a 'proper' portrait class, my first task is to draw a portrait from a photo, so I have something to compare with when I finish the course.  So, here are my portrait skills so far...
It is on my desk, its on top of the pencil tin on the right - I intend to buy another folder to catalogue my progress.
To the left (as there is no room anywhere else) is the art room helper..
To anyone who has not yet met 'Custer' this is our rescue boy, he has been us for 3 months now, still has a VERY long way to go, he might be a well behaved and trained dog in a year or so!

Before I forget, I am often asked by the 'deskers' about the dog in the picture on the motorbike.  This was a picture I picked up somewhere as the dog is identical to my soul dog 'Vicky' who I lost tragically many years ago, all dog owners know there is always a very special one and she was my special girl.

Keeping it shorter (for me)this week - to give you all chance to visit more desks, I did most of them last week I think, still only leave random comments as nobody has time to do them all, but I do try to visit and love to see what you are all up too.
have a good week xx

Late Edit - Sorry, not having such a great day, I have tried to work my way through desks but not happening today, I will get there but wont be today.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Drawing Fun

Still busy drawing and hopefully, still busy learning.  First thing was to add colour to the sketch I did during the week here as usual she looked much better before I added the colour with oil pastel, pencil and paint but....... I think she did look better than some I have turned out, so heading in the right direction.
Still working through my 'learn to draw in 30 days book' by Mark Kistler, which I try to do a lesson per day - not done today's yet, but this is the last one I did........ my koala's do need some work yet..
..and for my faces I started just doing any face then turned it into one of my Mum, I wasnt sure about it but when OH came home he did recognise her as my Mum, not shown Mum as yet to see what she thinks..
Also, I was telling Dawn......... I purchased another book!  I had read of this other book by Mark Kistler so had to take a look, this one is an awful lot of fun and it was my intention to leave it till I had finished the lessons in the other books.........
I even said I would get hubby to hide it when he got home, but I just 'had' to take a peek inside, couldnt stop myself, and due to my neck problems I can't read either unless the book is propped up on the easel, before I knew it I had read all the intro and started on the first lesson.......... I did repeat it, but this is my first attempt and only half way through
.. must say this book is even more fun, the teaching methods are such a joy, and a further bonus is there is an actual workbook to go with this one, guess what I ordered last night?  I have an awful lot of art books, most of which I cannot make head or tail of, and they bore me to death anyway - but these books are a dream, I was still drawing at 8pm last night as I was having such fun, and cant wait to get back to it soon before I 'send out' for dinner.

On my last post, or the one the Wednesday before - many of the 'deskers' said they could not draw for toffee? there really is no excuse, if you want to learn to draw I do highly recommend these books, I am still endebted to Dawn for showing me, only too happy to pass on this knowledge and the fun way to learn, wish they had taught like this when I was at school.

Still not started the sewing project, awaiting a book for that too - not impressed by delay, could have received in faster internationally so wont be recommending them as a seller on 'that' auction site, hate it when things take so long to arrive, not convince its even been despatched as yet, so might be waiting another week to get started on that one.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WOYWW 219, Whats on your work desk Wednesday

Welcome to this weeks 'Whats on Your Work Desk Wednesday' - its the time when over 100 crafters join up and compare what is on their desks on this day, and its hosted by Julia here stamping-ground blogspot
in case you might want to take a look at every else's desk, or even join in yourself.

Here is mine for this week'

I know, its not quite as tidy as last week, told you it wouldn't last.  My last two blog posts explain the drawing, or should I say the 'learning to draw' and I am finding it great fun.  Has to be done on my desk easel or drawing board though, I suffer from terrible neck strain so have to have my work raised, and not be tempted to sketch from my chair, which of course I do then suffer for it.
In case you want a closer look, here is the one I am working on at the moment..
I am going to try keep it a bit shorter this week, before I get into trouble for too much waffling.  So, in brief, OH is ok now thank you to all who asked - hours are long, but he is going to be driving next month, it costs more to get to work but saves nearly 3 hours of travelling, would be doing it now but we 'foolishly' bought a months train ticket as it worked out cheaper that way.
Mum is stable, no thanks to our rubbish NHS who appear to have little regard for the elderly.

.. and the weather, yes I know... what can I say? I'm British, its all we talk about... its lovely, and much cooler, especially at night so sleeping is now possible.

There is a 'chance'  just a 'chance' you might get to see the sewing machine out of its cover next week, as I have an idea for a new project - so that will make a change from sketches, and art journal pages.

Thank you so much for visiting me, and all the lovely comments from last time.  I do get around as many desks as I can, not enough time for over 100 comments but do a selection.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Busy Learning

Wow, sure is hard work this learning thing.  Above is one of the beginning lessons from my new book I told you about in my last post, by Mark Kistler.  His methods do make learning fun and I am enjoying it, so much so I am struggling to just make it one lesson per day.  There is a lot to learn, but I think in doing the exercises I am also learning more control with the pencil.  I have never enjoyed pencil drawing so much, enjoyed it so much I have ordered some 'proper' pencils to work with, now being very impatient whilst I await there arrival.
I really enjoyed this one, was well happy in my little world here.  Hubby is not quite getting it, he thinks I am going even more insane than usual.
Never one to take on one task at a time, I also ordered this book, that arrived at weekend..
..and set to work on the first two exercises..
Not masterpieces I know, but the features are an improvement on my usual and the placement is right, I intend to work through it then start again.  The book shows the basic face drawing but not to arrive at the shading, I am on my own there - need more lessons in that one.
I had a break from my books and tried another face on my own..
It looked ok there, alas I then started to paint it - should have left well alone really.  Going to try the oil pastels when its dry.
I also had an idea about starting my fabric design again, but not bags - I did get disollusioned with the bags, took a very long time to construct with little return.  So, there may well be sightings of the sewing machine out of its cover soon.
Can you tell my days are longer? this getting up at 5.20am is very tiring, but with hubby not getting home till 8pm too - it gives me a lot more free time, and I do have to keep busy or I will nod off.  Also the art supply bill is getting a bit high, so really need to start earning and obviously its not going to be from art for a while, so better get designing and sewing.

Hope you have managed to stay dry, was Monsoon season here this morning, first dog walk was ok but the second one was a bit on the wet side, was fun though as it was training for the rescue Labrador and the beach was deserted as the rain was that hard.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My New Book Arrived

Very excited this week as my new book finally arrived.  I cant take credit for this discovery though, it was my friend Dawn who found the book and let us know how good it was in her blog here - Dawn's Blog.  I was so impressed by the progress she had made in such a short time I had to give it a go myself.  So, I did begin the first exercise immediatly.  I do however have a very short attention span it seems, and in reading that you 'should' do this with a dedicated sketch book I found I was using just some A4 scrap card I had.. so of course a folder was needed.
Again, I cannot take credit for this idea either, this one was Christy's - she created the most amazing journal cover with scrap card and other media here Gulfsprite video.  Mine is just my own work, but the video came to mind whilst I tried to decide what to use..

I decided on the packaging my new book had arrived in, seemed a good use for it to me.  So, I just cut it in half and covered it in paper..
Then set to work (a very enjoyable afternoon I may add) with some paint, inks, glues etc....
Yes, it looks a bit messy but it made me happy creating it, I then varnished it all too - punched some holes in the side, and added rings.  Now it is all ready for my homework.
I have done the first 2 exercises and now ready for the third, a bit longer so I needed more time to do it properly, thats my next task today.  The book is very well written and the exercises are made fun so its not a chore to learn, hopefully I will be catching Dawn up soon.  I also have a 'how do draw faces' book on the way to see it that will help improve things for me.  (and some new oil pastels, but dont tell anyone about those).

I am also very happy to report the weather is much cooler now - so I can enjoy more art work, only thing is now I am a bit tired from the early mornings so that does make things a bit of a struggle, sure I will get used to that though (hopefully).

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday 218

Welcome to this weeks world wide desks, if you wish to know more about what this is about, or indeed peek at over 100 more crafting desks see this here linky - Julia's Blog

Hello Deskers, look at my 'tidy' type desk!! I went to take this weeks photo and thought.. leave it as it is, then thought 'heavens know, that is appauling even by my standards' so I had a tidy and even cleaned some paint off.
Nothing too exciting I'm afraid, I was full of great intentions this week as the weather is cooler and I can actually get in my room now, alas for this weeks excuse though.. Hubby has a new job, we have to get up at 5.20am and I am not coping too well at that, wouldnt mind but for 9 years we got up at 6.20am so not that much of a difference really.  The travel hours are not good though, due to the train times its after 8pm when  he gets home, so not much fun really.
Anyway, here is a closer look at the journal on my desk..
I was having a 'purple' few days - just by way of a change.  As my desk is so boring this week, here is my tatty drawing board today too, I got fed up with faces so was just having a bit of fun..
To finish, to those lovely deskers last week who showed such concern for the husband and for my Mum.  Hubby is good, was diagnosed with 'stress' again - so we are trying to make things a bit easier for him (aside for the long work days of course).  Mum, results were not so good I'm afraid so many more tests to be had and medication changes and a complaint to the 'Cardiac Team' who are bordering on neglect with their lack of care, the GP is now looking after her much better.

Oh, and one more thing... I get around as many desks as I can - I think I did them all last week, but I dont comment on all of them, I dont think anybody has that much time!  My comments are just random really.  So, I dont check who has posted on my blog and who has not, its great if you visit and comment but I dont mind if you dont, and I dont check up.

Have a great week xx

Monday, 5 August 2013

From Start to Finish

Its not often I do the whole picture on the same day - Its not often I have the time, or of late could actually spend that long in the Art Space.  But today has rained for most of the day, and I have been up since 5.20am for Hubby's new job.........yawn.  Just had the dogs to walk, a few chores in the village and the day was mine.
So, I started off with a sketch..........
Must confess, this one is not straight out of my befuddled head, but I did have a reference model from a fashion magazine, at least the features do seem to be in proportion so good start.
Then I did some underpainting with Acrylics..
Now then, that has made her really scary.  While this was drying I was working in my art journal, now thats drying so not finished as yet.
When dry it was time to get the oil pastels out and some coloured pencils - background was art bars and water...
Think I need to find a lesson in eyelashes as they were not so good, but was quite happy with the rest of the face and the hair was an improvement on my usual faces so quite happy with that too.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

A bit cooler at LAST

I havent blogged since Wednesday, but I haven't been in my Art Room either, its just been too hot.  OH did try to help with a fan but still not enough air, wasnt just the heat but the lack of air to breath too.  Anyway, we are having a cooler day today thankfully, though I have been out for most of it, managed a few hours.  Above is the finished portrait from the sketch I showed you here other blog post as it looks nothing like her at all, I can now reveal it is 'meant' to be Amanda Redman.  Thankfully you guessed the other one, was indeed meant to be Cher, though also not much of a likeness now I have painted her..
Still, she does make quite a pretty face to add to my showcase.  I had a try at some men too, oh dear.. now they really do look NOTHING like who they were meant to be, but male faces did make a change, here is one I added colour to today.
Poor bloke, not quite sure what happened to his nose there and teeth are really difficult to master.  Was nice to finally get in there though, also been playing in my art journal which has been nice.  Its Sunday afternoon and it is now raining, hurray!!! forecast is the same for tomorrow so hope to get some more progress made then.
Hope the weather is being kind to you all too.