Monday, 26 August 2013

Very Busy on Portrait Course

Still very busy learning to draw (as of last 2 years LOL) but this time I think I have found the right course, as it is a paid course I cannot give away any of the lessons as this would be unfair to the artist, but if you are interested in his teachings or wish to purchase the course you can find Ethan here on his youtube channel, with plenty of information to his website Drawing Channel

First week I was learning all about shading, I had learnt some of this information from other teachers, but learnt more actual 'technique' here.  Then I have been learning how to draw the eye, above is my first one.  I was quite pleased with it.

The course is quite a serious and intense teaching, (well, it is for me) so I tend to only do about an hour a day.  Then do art journal stuff and maybe a bit of fun illustration.  I was quite happy with a couple of fun illustrations I did this last week..
I am going to print these out to colour and use in my journal - they came about as I saw some similar stamps which I loved but they were far too expensive for me, so figured I could try draw my own - they were only for playing about with and maybe on cards anyway, so better to try be original (I am certainly that)..
I also now have an aim for my art.  My best pal Julie, who is a very talented artist - is going to exhibit next year with a local group, I have wanted to do this for the last two years but never been good enough, hopefully by next year I will be.  Then we are going to aim for our own exhibition at some point in the future...... yes, waiting for me it may well be another couple of years!!! But its something to aim for.

Wretched weather is getting warm again, so I can only use my art room in the morning now really.. AND to make things worse we have a real biting insect problem locally, not sure if its all the UK, but many of us here (especially us dog walkers) are suffering from some nasty bites. So yesterday I had to investigate this problem further......... resulting in ordering some more 'Avon SSS' great stuff for repellant and some Vitamin B Complex, which apparently is another thing the little blighters dont like, also give me a bit of a boost in general.  Sorry for you heat lovers but I really will be glad when Autumn sets in.

OK, back to the 'learning' thing!


  1. Oh wow Lynda, that eye is amazing! I think you're well on track to displaying in an exhibition, that's really exciting and great to aim for.

    Only problem is, that beautiful eye is going to tempt me into signing up for (another) course!!

    Dawn xx

  2. yes, I was thinking of you with this course Dawn - it is a serious portrait one, and pretty intense. Need to break every now n then and do fun stuff too.

    I do hope I can master it with this one, or I could just draw eyes! LOL.

  3. Your eye is awesome! Your drawings are great and moving along really fast. I don't know anything about the course but I love to watch what you post every week. Can't wait to see your exhibit next year. You'll make it!!! Hugs, Rasz

  4. Oh, thank you Rasz, thats so kind of you to say - hope you are feeling better x