Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Art at the Speed of Life

It really was not my fault this time!  This book has been on my Amazon wish list for some time, so long I had forgot what it was about, knew it being by Pam Carriker it would be good, but clueless as to why.  Then this weekend my wonderful friend brought me gifts she lifted from my Amazon wish list (we share them at Christmas) no its not my birthday, or Christmas - I am just lucky I have a great friend.
I am half way through this book and I love it - another one for Dawn I'm afraid, it has oodles of juicy art journal hints, interviews with some fab mixed media artists, and the whole thing is as the name suggests, its about how to cram the creativity into our busy lifestyles - just perfect.
I am still wading through my art courses, but life is in the way this week - just a few things that need my attention, so art is on a back burner really - but I do try find as much time as I can, even if its just for a quick sketch as above, and my journal pages... that if all else fails I can stick in one of my sketch faces onto a busy background - journal backgrounds are just the very best therapy..
Not going to make WOYWW again this week, I would manage a chaotic picture and post but no time to visit all the desks, so not fair to take part I feel.  As if I dont have enough on just now, on top of the 3 dog walks I already do daily I have volunteered to help out a friend and walk her Kelpie and Border Collie Pup this week, so that will keep me busy, and an extra dog on Thursday too - think my legs are going to be shorter soon - just wish the weather would settle a bit, its a bit erratic at the moment.  (Weather changes are bad for arthritis sufferers). 

Righto, free afternoon today so must get on with some valuable sketching time.......


  1. That looks like a fabulous book Lynda, another one for my Xmas pressie list I think!

    Hope the dog walking is going well and you're still finding some time for yourself.

    Dawn x

  2. Aww so glad you're enjoying the book, Lynda, and loving the art xx

  3. Oh yes, it is another one with your name on it Dawn.

    Thanks again Julie, all good x