Thursday, 26 September 2013

Then I tried Watercolour

This was the very first face I tried whilst on holiday, again I really do not think any artist needs to worry about the competition just yet..
Then I tried again when I got home....
I thought she was quite good (from a distance) but the husband said she was one 'scary' face - so back to the drawing board then............. Its is interesting to just paint and not draw first, not quite as good as Christy yet, despite trying to catch up on all her September video's, but then I am a few years behind all her work too.  So today I tried one Christy style........
mmmh, I don't really need the husband to tell me how scary this one is!  just using the paintbrush I find too difficult so I also use some watercolour pencils.. not that it is helping much.  One last attempt for today, this one took me much longer..
Oh dear, a way to go yet then?  I do prefer a background so might await my watercolour ground to arrive and just work on some backgrounds, always a relaxing process.

I can't even blame the paints this time, they are decent watercolour paints (birthday pressie this year).  So... If you have any watercolour why not have a go? cant do any worse than I am, but with more practice who knows? I can draw a face now, just still totally rubbish at colour, but I keep on trying.


  1. Well done, that's a whole lot better than I could have done! I struggle with brushes (maybe lack of practice) so tend to resort to using my fingers for painting :)

    Dawn x

  2. Yes, I struggle too - I am finding far more success with pencils and crayons, will keep trying though as I do enjoy it.