Sunday, 14 June 2015

Doodle Art

Doodle Art, have you seen this stuff? its amazing, there is so much talent out there.  I am just starting and still have an awful lot to learn, but I am hoping to combine my fantasy art idea's into this style too, alongside actual paintings, gives me plenty of interest.
I am enjoying doing so much drawing and I am starting to improve as I am practicing daily, also with doing some pen work and more detail I am learning to take more time.  Here is my first pen work doodle.
working with pen is a real disciplin, certainly focus's the mind.  I am working on the roses and flowers I really want to get better at them, so been doing a lot of them to try get it right, I think they are coming on now, and I still have a lot of drawings that are awaiting the added doodles and paint to finish them off.
This last one was the most popular on instagram (@simjata) I am following many talented artists and learning a lot, also getting encouragement from other great artists on instagram.
When I did this I was suffering from a nasty case of sciatica, it was a struggle to do much so I tried to focus how I felt into my art work.
Hope you like viewing my new idea's and thank you for reading..