Sunday, 14 June 2015

Doodle Art

Doodle Art, have you seen this stuff? its amazing, there is so much talent out there.  I am just starting and still have an awful lot to learn, but I am hoping to combine my fantasy art idea's into this style too, alongside actual paintings, gives me plenty of interest.
I am enjoying doing so much drawing and I am starting to improve as I am practicing daily, also with doing some pen work and more detail I am learning to take more time.  Here is my first pen work doodle.
working with pen is a real disciplin, certainly focus's the mind.  I am working on the roses and flowers I really want to get better at them, so been doing a lot of them to try get it right, I think they are coming on now, and I still have a lot of drawings that are awaiting the added doodles and paint to finish them off.
This last one was the most popular on instagram (@simjata) I am following many talented artists and learning a lot, also getting encouragement from other great artists on instagram.
When I did this I was suffering from a nasty case of sciatica, it was a struggle to do much so I tried to focus how I felt into my art work.
Hope you like viewing my new idea's and thank you for reading..

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Art Books for Sale

As I mentioned in my last post, I 'REALLY' need funds in order to move forward with my art at the moment.  So... I took the decision this week to offer many of my art books for sale on Ebay.  Took me many hours yesterday to list them, I have 24 on offer, here are a few of the popular and most useful titles that gave me a lot of help and encouragement.
I studied the prices both on Ebay and Amazon and have offered ALL my books at a cheaper price and hope to find them good homes at the same time as funding my passion further.
You can find all these great Art Journal and Mixed Media book by following This Link to my Ebay shop.

They are all in great condition (unless stated) and come highly recommended by me and many other mixed media artists.

Thank you for your support.

Before I leave, thank you to Jen (Miss Bohemia) for taking the time to post and encourage me on my last blog post, much appreciated.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

This week on Etsy

I have been adding some art works to my Etsy shop recently.  Trying to develop my new art style comes at a cost, and the dog walking day job is not making enough after the necessary eating thing is out of the way.  Extra paper both professional and practice comes at a cost, and reference books to learn from all mount up too.  I have lots of great comments but little else so far.
I quite liked the above painting, so intend to offer this up as original art work too, alongside the prints.  I only do 5 each of prints as I do so much art and hope to have so much more to offer in the future.
I did have a big downer this week when I made the HUGE mistake of showing a family member my art, should have known better.  I can take critisism and dislike from the public fine, but just a little support from close family I would have thought would be freely given? how wrong I was.  Seems if you do not draw and paint like one of the master's you cannot call yourself an artist.  Luckily I have some good friends, and some great 'Instagram' followers who gave me a lot of support to drag me out of the place I fell into.
After a weekend so far of family, and friends in need I am about to go pick up those pencils and hopefully paints and get started on this weeks wonders.

Thank you if you have read and viewed this far.

On the right of page is a little showcase for my Etsy shop, just one click will take you there.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Been Learning new things

So............. here is my new style!!! Part of our lesson in Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite has been some teachings on surrealism, which I have found I love.  This makes me so happy all I want to do these days is draw, I do paint too but I worry about spoiling my drawings when I paint them, I am getting better with this though.  The above painting I have made into prints and added to my Etsy Shop today.
Along with surreal art I am also studying 'Steampunk' as I am a fan of that too, always was but a bit too long in the tooth to follow and dress that way, but to draw and paint.........oh yes, now that is a lot of fun.  I now only paint with watercolour as find that to give more of the effect I like, never could get it quite right with acrylics, I now know my problem was too much paint, less is more for sure in the case of painting.
I am just starting to design my own little creatures after learning from books how to draw dragons and other mythical beings, so as above they do not come from anywhere else but me, which is worrying my husband greatly.. I am trying to learn to draw without distraction and what just comes from within, this is taking more time but is interesting.. I have a sketchbook upstairs away from any other influence which is becoming very interesting indeed.

All the above will be made into prints and added to my Etsy Shop in the future.  I need to start adding more as I need so many art supplies to continue and they are not given away.  I go through an awful lot of paper, and most of it is artist quality.  Also like nice brushes and graphgear pencils.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Why do I paint?

Art is to Console
Those who are broken 
by Life.

Vincent Van Gogh

Art Allows us to FIND ourselves
and to LOSE ourselves
at the same time.

Thomas Merton.

Monday, 20 April 2015

And Still She Paints

My first piece is one I did yesterday in my visual journal.  I am totally hooked on watercolour now and love everything about it.  Also learning a touch of surrealism within the great art group I am in - I am loving this new style.
I also try to do at least one crayon page a day too, as the practice is invaluable and learning how to make this medium work better is a lot of fun.
The art course I am doing is totally amazing I am learning so much, I have never painted so much and never had so much fun.  I just love it.  Although the background inks did not really play the game so well for me, I made the pages too dark, but carried on regardless, must do better at this one.
I think we start week 4 this week.  So half way through which I find so sad as I am enjoying it so much.  Though eager to start each lesson as it appears.  I have even purchased more palette's so I can mix my own colours and have more available.

Just a short blog post today as I am eager to get back to painting.  Dont forget I do have some of my earlier art on sale in my Etsy shop, all helps to pay for supplies that do not come cheap - My Shop

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So Much to Learn

One of the best things about my journey in art is all the learning to be done.  Each day I am learning more about how to progress with my art which is the most amazing of experiences.  Okay it does take a bit longer later in life, but I think is more appreciated.

I love doing the faces, but have never been all that thrilled with the hair on my girls, or that sure on what to do in the backgrounds, always wanting them to have a bit more of an interest.  This weeks lessons in Painted Faces III and in Art Geeks have been teaching more about the face and how to enjoy creating your own version of the hair, and in the group we have been discussing surrealism and how to include more into our background pieces.
I think I am getting quite an addiction going on, I have a head just full of paintings waiting to get out, and as usual not enough hours in the day.  Also my little dog was neutered yesterday so she is needing quite a lot of care right now, having said that she has slept most of today which has allowed me to complete another page.
I just finished this one.  Also the majority done this month have been in watercolor, I think I am starting to actually prefer this, after so long fighting it and not really understanding how it works, my next task is to put away my desk full of acrylics.. not saying I wont use them as sure I will but need more space for my watercolors, inks and of course my crayons.. still having a lot of fun in my sketchbook with the crayons.

Friday, 10 April 2015

keeping up

Really struggling to keep up with everything at the moment.  Determined to keep a record of my art works here on blogger as I feel its important to see my own progress and I also hope it may be of help to others.  Above is the second journal page lesson in Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite.  Many have said how lovely the page is, which I agree but .. it is with the help of an excellent teacher.
In our facebook group (Gulfsprite class group) we were discussing the use of other mediums, one of the girls has broke her hand and having to try using her none dominant hand for her art - this started a discussion on adult colouring books and the use of crayola crayons, so some of us went off and had a try at art using just crayola crayons, above was my first attempt.  Not the easiest things in the world to shad with, but I have seen some true masterpieces done, so I have another book on the way to tell me more.  Using crayons is just a wonderful experience.
We were also discussing marker pens, which is something I have previously not got to grips with.  Seems the secret for me is to just 'go for it' with no thought at all and play, this has to be the best thing I have ever done with just markers... It took me about half an hour.
Finally is today's art lesson and journal page.  Not really sure about this one, I do like the face I did but the background is bolder than it should be, I feel a softer approach may have been better.  I have another two pages sketched out though when we were learning 'ears' so hope to find some time to develop those over the weekend.  Though I have visiters tomorrow, and am out most of Sunday as its my birthday, so not looking that great time wise..  I may well be a bit slower next week too as my beautiful little dog is going to the vet to be neutered so I will be spending time caring for her till she is back to full speed.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Art in April

So, I have started my new on-line art course - you can find it here Painted Faces III and just three lessons in I am learning a lot, and I do think my style is improving.
Alongside I am also still working on the People Pleasing book, and learning how to STOP this as it is not good for the health.  Above was to copy down the 10 commandments of a people pleaser and then change them to a new and improved lifestyle, learning that it is okay to put your needs first, or at least to learn to consider them at all.
My new commandments are written out above, not so easy to stick to them but I am trying hard.  Of course the book does not actually 'say' to incorporate this with your art, I just like to do it this way.
Above was just my playing around with my own style, after a lesson in 'features' on the course, I am hoping my facial features are starting to improve, still the lesson on shading to go and today's lesson (or yesterdays for most) is a very long one that I am about to watch.  Certainly get your money's worth on this course.
This last one was actual 'homework' from the art course, it was the first 'journal page' lesson, not like me to use so few colours so was an experience.  We are going to learn more about jewellery and hair yet too, I did enjoy this page also with the collage element.

Not had a whole lot of time for art with the Easter weekend.  Intending to cram lots into today though, always happiest with my pencils and brushes.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Difficult Week but still Painting

It has not been the easiest of weeks, and although I have dated my paintings each day they were not in all honesty done daily.  I did have at least two days of no art at all.  I quite like this first one, I have started to use even more of my art supplies for improved effect.
This dramatic girl was done on my paint palette page in the style of the paint palette Polly's I did, trying a new direction with them so I can continue at some point.  I did find the drama of the piece quite uplifting.
A similar style in my art journal, not one of my better days but at least I managed to throw some paint about and have a practice.  I did like the colour palette.
I did like the style of this one.  I did the initial sketch with a brush so it did start off a bit looser, then refined it at the end with pencils.

Right up to this morning, whilst some of my collage work was drying out I got out some soft pastels and a sketch book and did this one just from my head with no reference picture, she is quite interesting and I still do not really know what I am doing with pastels, would love to learn to use them correctly with the effects I have seen.  But no pencil work on this, all done with soft pastels.
Lastly I finished this one off this afternoon.  Paint and collage to the back and she is painted and coloured using pencils, inks, pastels, oil pastels and paints.  Hope to have time to try another tomorrow before again (hopefully) finding the time to start my new faces course with Gulfsprite on Wednesday.
With Easter upon us I will probably loose more time, and its my Dad's birthday on Saturday so a family gathering for that and mine the week after.. I am hoping to go out then as there is a dog show at one of the local rescue's I support and I would love to take my pretty girl Rhubarb to the fun dog show.  Also have the day job getting in the way from time to time too, but should not complain about that one, that is to keep me in art supplies so a necessary evil.

Monday, 23 March 2015

keeping up the practice

It is harder than I thought to keep this up!  But so far so good, I have managed to drag myself into the arty space every day and do 'something' not always a finished page but 'something' involving a brush, crayon or pencil.
Not every face is perfect or 'great' but niether is every day, nor every face in reality.  The good news is though there is a new course called Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite, starting on April 1st - and my seat is 'almost' booked.
I feel sure there will be a marked improvement in what you see then.  I need help with shading I know, and a few other of the finer details.
As you see, above all a visual journal is a place to 'play' it really doesnt matter if each page is not a total 'delight' often they are not, and most people do not have to even show them to a soul if they would rather not.  Must say I do have pages that are really 'bleugh' and even I dont own up to.
Still working on the bodies too, not going so well as yet, but at least I am not shying away from them and having a go.  Must say I do like this visual journal to work in, the paper is good as is the size (I think its 12 x 9) though I do prefer to work larger this is good too, really could not go much smaller though.
Above was a page I finished off a couple of hours ago, it is the hair I was working on and I used coloured pencil on a lot of the face and hair alongside paints and inks.  Yes, her nose and mouth are a bit dodgy but hey................ its a nice background...  I even used my gelatos on this one, not had those out to play for a while.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Art Every Day

Still going strong and managing to do some form of art every day, even those days when time is so short I manage to do something.
Not everything turns out the way I would like, but I do feel I am making lots of progress and at the same time having plenty of idea's of the direction I would like to go.
The main thing is to enjoy what you do, and one of the BIGGEST lessons I have just learnt in my 'disease to please' book... is about seeking approval, this can be as bad for you as many other things in life.  Luckily my Mum gives me lots of encouragement and approval, but learning not to seek it elsewhere is a very important lesson, and once that can be shaken it is another way of freeing up your anxieties and concentrating on pleasing yourself.. and why not?
Now my pages have been photographed I can see I do need to work on the shape's of their faces a little, they are reminding me of 'spitting image' puppets, LOL.  I am enjoying this new journal too, its a Strathmore Mixed Media 9" x 12" so a nice size and the paper takes a lot of layers with no struggles too.
I have purchased some great fashion books to copy my models from and learn more poses for them.  Finally back to have idea's a plenty and not enough free hours to put them on paper, but rather that than a lack of mojo or enthusiasm.  Those of us lucky enough to have found art are very fortunate, we can shut out the rest of our worries and live on our pages of colour for a while............ Bliss.
anyone who suffers from this awful affliction of 'People Pleasing' I cannot recommend this book enough it shows you exactly what this can do to you, and explains why it needs to stop and you need to learn to start living for you!