Monday, 30 March 2015

Difficult Week but still Painting

It has not been the easiest of weeks, and although I have dated my paintings each day they were not in all honesty done daily.  I did have at least two days of no art at all.  I quite like this first one, I have started to use even more of my art supplies for improved effect.
This dramatic girl was done on my paint palette page in the style of the paint palette Polly's I did, trying a new direction with them so I can continue at some point.  I did find the drama of the piece quite uplifting.
A similar style in my art journal, not one of my better days but at least I managed to throw some paint about and have a practice.  I did like the colour palette.
I did like the style of this one.  I did the initial sketch with a brush so it did start off a bit looser, then refined it at the end with pencils.

Right up to this morning, whilst some of my collage work was drying out I got out some soft pastels and a sketch book and did this one just from my head with no reference picture, she is quite interesting and I still do not really know what I am doing with pastels, would love to learn to use them correctly with the effects I have seen.  But no pencil work on this, all done with soft pastels.
Lastly I finished this one off this afternoon.  Paint and collage to the back and she is painted and coloured using pencils, inks, pastels, oil pastels and paints.  Hope to have time to try another tomorrow before again (hopefully) finding the time to start my new faces course with Gulfsprite on Wednesday.
With Easter upon us I will probably loose more time, and its my Dad's birthday on Saturday so a family gathering for that and mine the week after.. I am hoping to go out then as there is a dog show at one of the local rescue's I support and I would love to take my pretty girl Rhubarb to the fun dog show.  Also have the day job getting in the way from time to time too, but should not complain about that one, that is to keep me in art supplies so a necessary evil.


  1. Beautiful girls Lynda! I love the expressions and colors. The dramatic girl is my favorite, although they are all so good. Hugs and have a beautiful day!

  2. Thanks Rasz, and thank you for dropping by - hope you are doing well x