Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Sad Neglected Blog

Happy New Year!!! Well, what can I say? who would have thought it would be almost 3 months since my last blog post?  Without going into too much of the boring stuff, 'below post' little dog was very poorly and my health took a downward too.  All is well now though, near enough and we are back to it.  I did do a small amount of art works but not so much, yesterday I had a good few hours in my long lost art room and came up with these, so lets start from 'now' eh?  I wanted to learn 'movement' in my art, so my girls are not so stationary so my last book was on fashion illustration. 
Finding it quite easy to do and enjoying the effects.  I put the above face on my instagram account and it seemed quite acceptable to my arty pals on there.  Having also made the realisation I cannot earn a living from art no matter how I try - I am also starting a new business in dog walking, I want a door sign to advertise and cards etc, so trying to get something together for that too, to show my arty side as well as what I am to be doing.  Hence needed to learn about movement.
I am not giving up on my art by any means.  Just taking off the pressure and giving myself the means to afford my paint, books and on-line classes.

Must add, another reason for needing to restart my blog is I have been lucky enough to do an interview with the wonderful JENNIBELLIE not sure when this will go live, but I will let you know when it does.  There is a link there to my blog, instagram and etsy shop - so need to be sure they are all active.

All is now well in doggie land here.  My new girl is now getting back to full health, and we are all getting along nicely.  So I will close with one of our fave photo's of the three of them together.

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