Friday, 13 March 2015

New me, New Style

Starting as I mean to go on, with the 'new me' thing I have even managed to find the time each day since my last post to do some art.  Above was on Tuesday, I had the idea I wanted to try some daffodils as spring is struggling to begin here, though we do have daffodils and crocus out and about which are a delight to witness.  The girl is my version of one in a fashion illustrator book I am learning from, while I try to make my girls less 'stiff' and a little more movement in them, still a way to go I know but improving I feel.
On Wednesday my new idea was developing slowly, not quite sure what prompted this one but I think she does have 'something' about her.
Thursday I have very little time for art (or much else) I had already played with a background so just added a quick sketch in paint again with the help of the fashion illustrator book.  Still developing the new idea's I have.
Up to today which is Friday, back into the new journal.  My husband is home today and he peered over my shoulder and said 'oh, still in dont give a sh*t mode then?' as he feels my work has improved as a result.  See if I can keep it up now, nearly 49 years as a "People Pleaser" is not going to disappear over night it needs a lot of work.  Fingers crossed again, I am enjoying my new works and new idea's, not helping much with the sleep thing though as I would rather be up and painting.

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