Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hope you enjoy my little picture.  This painting was done from a tutorial by my friend Iris at Iris-Impressions You too can follow this tutorial by simply clicking on the highlighted link.

My version is not an exact copy I strayed a bit into 'my own thing' but really enjoyed the lesson and the little whimsty girl.

I am still busy painting and enjoying my Obsessions class, though sad it is the last day today.  Also getting ready to prepare some prints for my Etsy shop soon.

Stay safe for halloween and enjoy.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Loving the Abstract Flowers

I am still just loving to paint this style of flowers.  Hopefully they are very much my own and not like any other, as though I learnt the technique in my Obsessions Class I have tried to make them mine.
Its not called an 'Obsessions' class for nothing, I really am getting an addiction to these.  Sadly there has been no interest in the one I added to my Etsy shop as yet, but maybe when the prints are added this will change, lets hope so.  I also did a fabulous lesson on mixed media flowers too, using collage, paint, pencil, inks....
My vase was very popular, but I did only do that how I was taught, and yes I do love it too.  We are also to be taught how to make a journal from a magazine, but I cant wait so did mine already, will probably learn a bit more but I enjoyed this, and it certainly does help when not worrying about precious paper.
As Obsessions has just run for October, the downside is it is due to finish this week, this has been one of my favourite classes EVER and I will be sad when it is done, although at the same time cant wait to see what we learn next week.  I am currently still working on last Friday's lesson which is amazing too, will show you that next time.. I can see me doing more of that style too.  Meanwhile I will leave you with more of my flowers..

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

For Lynda by Lynda

I began this painting yesterday as a tribute to a much loved actress who left us far too soon.  Lynda Bellingham was such a joy to many she will be sadly missed by all her fans, not just as 'the oxo lady' but to many of us old enough to remember her in so many other drama's too, esteemed actress and such a joyful and attractive lady.
I called my flowers 'for Lynda by Lynda' as of course she is also my namesake.  I do not know yet if I will put them up for sale or not, maybe as a print in the future.

I got brave today too, whilst awaiting the arrival or my printing facility - I have listed my 'first bouquet' on Etsy .. just now, so see how that goes.  I love doing these abstract flowers, learnt this from a lesson by Gulfsprite that was influenced by her mentor 'Bob Burridge' a great artist.  Here it is shown in a frame on my wall.
I am almost tempted to keep it.. infact, if it does not sell I will take it out of shop and just sell the prints.  We have scanned it ready to produce prints too in the future.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Coming Soon, my Art in Prints!

I have been busy of late doing the Obsessions course on collage with Gulfsprite (links below in blog posts).  I love this course and have been doing many lessons more than once I enjoy them so much, and then going off and doing different idea's from them and more sketching and idea's in my evenings.  Also been given so much more encouragement and confidence.
 I have manged to push through many personal upsets and health issue's and focus on my art works.  As a result I have 'finally' ordered the means to produce my own archival prints so at this time I am intending to remove most of my original art from my Etsy Shop and be selling prints at a more affordable price and to other countries, as it is too pricey to post large canvas's.  This is very exciting for me, as I intend to keep all my original work for future exhibiting.

No printing is actually done as yet, so for now all my original art is available in my Etsy Shop I will of course announce here when my first prints are added.  Busy time of year too, as whilst I am learning some new painting skills I am also putting paintings aside as gifts for Christmas.  I am also toying with the idea of having some cards printed too, maybe I should design some seasonal ones? still chasing those extra hours in the day, there are just never enough....

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My folk art and my Obsessions

Starting with the October Obsessions class with Gulfsprite, you can find out more about this and other classes here Christy's Website 
Above was week one, which is (as requested by me) lesson on collage, I think I am making more progress now, I was struggling on how to connect my collage idea's onto paper, this excellent lesson has helped me understand this concept.  Part of the lesson was to focus on something currently on your mind, I have just started to read Eckhart Tolle's book 'The Power of Now' which has so far given me a lot of much needed help.
This was Lesson 2, and focused on making art from an already chaotic background.  Again I am trying to encorporate other idea's alongside my beloved faces, I am trying to draw other things, but I just want to do faces.. and why not? I feel they can be a bit boring though by themselves.  Also in this peace are some of the folk art theme's I am learning.
Here is another exercise from the Folk Art book I am studying, I have been having some difficulties so I have some better brushes en route to help me with the strokes.  I also learnt 'stippling' new to me, and I enjoy that process.
This one is a bit of everything, the houses were taken from lesson 3 in the book of a house, the tree's from another book, my own garden idea's, and the pigs are collaged from papers, I drew the pig onto and cut out, added a bit of shading too.  I am enjoying this journal, it is very different from my usual ones with 'just' faces in, this one has lots of colour and full pictures.
I am looking into the idea of running off some prints for my Etsy shop at some point, I have looked into giclee prints but they are so expensive it may well be better for me to invest in the archival ink, archival papers and do my own.. watch this space...................  (but dont hold your breath as it might take me a while to finance this idea).

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This weeks Art Practice

Still on the Folk Art theme, I received a copy of the 'folk Artist' magazine, which is published in Australia.  There are lots of art works and tips in there, shame it is not readily available in the UK though.  I have just ordered 5 back copies and you do not want to know what the postage on that was!
My new Art Journal and new found interest in Folk Art was all going well, the art was flowing each day and I was having a ball..
Until on Saturday I began feeling a bit 'iffy' there are an awful lot of cold's around at the moment so I figured that was it, must be started with the 'sniffles' no matter, keep going........... at least that was what I though, until BAM - it turned out to be the worst virus I have had in about 10 years, I took to my bed for most of two days, its now Wednesday and I am still sick and not sleeping due to the sinus pain and generally 'ickiness' - this is NOT good for art practice at all.
Today I forced myself to finish up the Art Geeks projects I was doing...
This month was about background and translucent faces - I still have the passion for faces, never happy unless I am doing at least one per day so happy projects for me..
Above was with collage too, really enjoyed this lesson.
I almost forgot, on Sunday I did manage to do the first project in a superb book 'folk art landscapes' its the first time I have tried a house, and though it is not spectacular I liked it and not too bad a job to say I was not feeling 100% either.
I thought I did very well to resist the urge to put a face on it too - this was done in my new journal that I am getting happier with each day, just wish I could avoid the paint on the spirals as it gets tough to open and close over the pages.. might have to seek advice on that one.

I am now off to put my head over a bowl of steaming water and 'vicks' to try unblock my sinus's so I can remember that 'breathing' thing again, and hopefully try that other thing called 'sleep' tonight.  Anyone going through this horrid virus right now you have my utmost sympathy.