Wednesday, 1 October 2014

This weeks Art Practice

Still on the Folk Art theme, I received a copy of the 'folk Artist' magazine, which is published in Australia.  There are lots of art works and tips in there, shame it is not readily available in the UK though.  I have just ordered 5 back copies and you do not want to know what the postage on that was!
My new Art Journal and new found interest in Folk Art was all going well, the art was flowing each day and I was having a ball..
Until on Saturday I began feeling a bit 'iffy' there are an awful lot of cold's around at the moment so I figured that was it, must be started with the 'sniffles' no matter, keep going........... at least that was what I though, until BAM - it turned out to be the worst virus I have had in about 10 years, I took to my bed for most of two days, its now Wednesday and I am still sick and not sleeping due to the sinus pain and generally 'ickiness' - this is NOT good for art practice at all.
Today I forced myself to finish up the Art Geeks projects I was doing...
This month was about background and translucent faces - I still have the passion for faces, never happy unless I am doing at least one per day so happy projects for me..
Above was with collage too, really enjoyed this lesson.
I almost forgot, on Sunday I did manage to do the first project in a superb book 'folk art landscapes' its the first time I have tried a house, and though it is not spectacular I liked it and not too bad a job to say I was not feeling 100% either.
I thought I did very well to resist the urge to put a face on it too - this was done in my new journal that I am getting happier with each day, just wish I could avoid the paint on the spirals as it gets tough to open and close over the pages.. might have to seek advice on that one.

I am now off to put my head over a bowl of steaming water and 'vicks' to try unblock my sinus's so I can remember that 'breathing' thing again, and hopefully try that other thing called 'sleep' tonight.  Anyone going through this horrid virus right now you have my utmost sympathy.


  1. Love love love your cottage and all of the variety! You have been busy. Sorry you're still not feeling well. Chicken soup! <3

  2. Love your faces, love your birds and love your cottage. Get well soon!

  3. Wow! Amazed at the beauty you managed to create while feeling so icky! Unfortunately, we all got sick on our recent trip, which slowed us down a bit, but we managed to make the most of it and at least had nice weather while dealing with it. I LOVE your folk art pieces and always adore your faces... the translucent are quite alluring. Lovely art <3 - Hope you feel better pronto! :)