Tuesday, 21 October 2014

For Lynda by Lynda

I began this painting yesterday as a tribute to a much loved actress who left us far too soon.  Lynda Bellingham was such a joy to many she will be sadly missed by all her fans, not just as 'the oxo lady' but to many of us old enough to remember her in so many other drama's too, esteemed actress and such a joyful and attractive lady.
I called my flowers 'for Lynda by Lynda' as of course she is also my namesake.  I do not know yet if I will put them up for sale or not, maybe as a print in the future.

I got brave today too, whilst awaiting the arrival or my printing facility - I have listed my 'first bouquet' on Etsy .. just now, so see how that goes.  I love doing these abstract flowers, learnt this from a lesson by Gulfsprite that was influenced by her mentor 'Bob Burridge' a great artist.  Here it is shown in a frame on my wall.
I am almost tempted to keep it.. infact, if it does not sell I will take it out of shop and just sell the prints.  We have scanned it ready to produce prints too in the future.


  1. lovely tribute :) <3

  2. Thank you for being kind enough to visit and take the time to comment. Much appreciated.