Thursday, 28 May 2015

Art Books for Sale

As I mentioned in my last post, I 'REALLY' need funds in order to move forward with my art at the moment.  So... I took the decision this week to offer many of my art books for sale on Ebay.  Took me many hours yesterday to list them, I have 24 on offer, here are a few of the popular and most useful titles that gave me a lot of help and encouragement.
I studied the prices both on Ebay and Amazon and have offered ALL my books at a cheaper price and hope to find them good homes at the same time as funding my passion further.
You can find all these great Art Journal and Mixed Media book by following This Link to my Ebay shop.

They are all in great condition (unless stated) and come highly recommended by me and many other mixed media artists.

Thank you for your support.

Before I leave, thank you to Jen (Miss Bohemia) for taking the time to post and encourage me on my last blog post, much appreciated.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

This week on Etsy

I have been adding some art works to my Etsy shop recently.  Trying to develop my new art style comes at a cost, and the dog walking day job is not making enough after the necessary eating thing is out of the way.  Extra paper both professional and practice comes at a cost, and reference books to learn from all mount up too.  I have lots of great comments but little else so far.
I quite liked the above painting, so intend to offer this up as original art work too, alongside the prints.  I only do 5 each of prints as I do so much art and hope to have so much more to offer in the future.
I did have a big downer this week when I made the HUGE mistake of showing a family member my art, should have known better.  I can take critisism and dislike from the public fine, but just a little support from close family I would have thought would be freely given? how wrong I was.  Seems if you do not draw and paint like one of the master's you cannot call yourself an artist.  Luckily I have some good friends, and some great 'Instagram' followers who gave me a lot of support to drag me out of the place I fell into.
After a weekend so far of family, and friends in need I am about to go pick up those pencils and hopefully paints and get started on this weeks wonders.

Thank you if you have read and viewed this far.

On the right of page is a little showcase for my Etsy shop, just one click will take you there.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Been Learning new things

So............. here is my new style!!! Part of our lesson in Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite has been some teachings on surrealism, which I have found I love.  This makes me so happy all I want to do these days is draw, I do paint too but I worry about spoiling my drawings when I paint them, I am getting better with this though.  The above painting I have made into prints and added to my Etsy Shop today.
Along with surreal art I am also studying 'Steampunk' as I am a fan of that too, always was but a bit too long in the tooth to follow and dress that way, but to draw and paint.........oh yes, now that is a lot of fun.  I now only paint with watercolour as find that to give more of the effect I like, never could get it quite right with acrylics, I now know my problem was too much paint, less is more for sure in the case of painting.
I am just starting to design my own little creatures after learning from books how to draw dragons and other mythical beings, so as above they do not come from anywhere else but me, which is worrying my husband greatly.. I am trying to learn to draw without distraction and what just comes from within, this is taking more time but is interesting.. I have a sketchbook upstairs away from any other influence which is becoming very interesting indeed.

All the above will be made into prints and added to my Etsy Shop in the future.  I need to start adding more as I need so many art supplies to continue and they are not given away.  I go through an awful lot of paper, and most of it is artist quality.  Also like nice brushes and graphgear pencils.