Sunday, 26 April 2015

Why do I paint?

Art is to Console
Those who are broken 
by Life.

Vincent Van Gogh

Art Allows us to FIND ourselves
and to LOSE ourselves
at the same time.

Thomas Merton.

Monday, 20 April 2015

And Still She Paints

My first piece is one I did yesterday in my visual journal.  I am totally hooked on watercolour now and love everything about it.  Also learning a touch of surrealism within the great art group I am in - I am loving this new style.
I also try to do at least one crayon page a day too, as the practice is invaluable and learning how to make this medium work better is a lot of fun.
The art course I am doing is totally amazing I am learning so much, I have never painted so much and never had so much fun.  I just love it.  Although the background inks did not really play the game so well for me, I made the pages too dark, but carried on regardless, must do better at this one.
I think we start week 4 this week.  So half way through which I find so sad as I am enjoying it so much.  Though eager to start each lesson as it appears.  I have even purchased more palette's so I can mix my own colours and have more available.

Just a short blog post today as I am eager to get back to painting.  Dont forget I do have some of my earlier art on sale in my Etsy shop, all helps to pay for supplies that do not come cheap - My Shop

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So Much to Learn

One of the best things about my journey in art is all the learning to be done.  Each day I am learning more about how to progress with my art which is the most amazing of experiences.  Okay it does take a bit longer later in life, but I think is more appreciated.

I love doing the faces, but have never been all that thrilled with the hair on my girls, or that sure on what to do in the backgrounds, always wanting them to have a bit more of an interest.  This weeks lessons in Painted Faces III and in Art Geeks have been teaching more about the face and how to enjoy creating your own version of the hair, and in the group we have been discussing surrealism and how to include more into our background pieces.
I think I am getting quite an addiction going on, I have a head just full of paintings waiting to get out, and as usual not enough hours in the day.  Also my little dog was neutered yesterday so she is needing quite a lot of care right now, having said that she has slept most of today which has allowed me to complete another page.
I just finished this one.  Also the majority done this month have been in watercolor, I think I am starting to actually prefer this, after so long fighting it and not really understanding how it works, my next task is to put away my desk full of acrylics.. not saying I wont use them as sure I will but need more space for my watercolors, inks and of course my crayons.. still having a lot of fun in my sketchbook with the crayons.

Friday, 10 April 2015

keeping up

Really struggling to keep up with everything at the moment.  Determined to keep a record of my art works here on blogger as I feel its important to see my own progress and I also hope it may be of help to others.  Above is the second journal page lesson in Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite.  Many have said how lovely the page is, which I agree but .. it is with the help of an excellent teacher.
In our facebook group (Gulfsprite class group) we were discussing the use of other mediums, one of the girls has broke her hand and having to try using her none dominant hand for her art - this started a discussion on adult colouring books and the use of crayola crayons, so some of us went off and had a try at art using just crayola crayons, above was my first attempt.  Not the easiest things in the world to shad with, but I have seen some true masterpieces done, so I have another book on the way to tell me more.  Using crayons is just a wonderful experience.
We were also discussing marker pens, which is something I have previously not got to grips with.  Seems the secret for me is to just 'go for it' with no thought at all and play, this has to be the best thing I have ever done with just markers... It took me about half an hour.
Finally is today's art lesson and journal page.  Not really sure about this one, I do like the face I did but the background is bolder than it should be, I feel a softer approach may have been better.  I have another two pages sketched out though when we were learning 'ears' so hope to find some time to develop those over the weekend.  Though I have visiters tomorrow, and am out most of Sunday as its my birthday, so not looking that great time wise..  I may well be a bit slower next week too as my beautiful little dog is going to the vet to be neutered so I will be spending time caring for her till she is back to full speed.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Art in April

So, I have started my new on-line art course - you can find it here Painted Faces III and just three lessons in I am learning a lot, and I do think my style is improving.
Alongside I am also still working on the People Pleasing book, and learning how to STOP this as it is not good for the health.  Above was to copy down the 10 commandments of a people pleaser and then change them to a new and improved lifestyle, learning that it is okay to put your needs first, or at least to learn to consider them at all.
My new commandments are written out above, not so easy to stick to them but I am trying hard.  Of course the book does not actually 'say' to incorporate this with your art, I just like to do it this way.
Above was just my playing around with my own style, after a lesson in 'features' on the course, I am hoping my facial features are starting to improve, still the lesson on shading to go and today's lesson (or yesterdays for most) is a very long one that I am about to watch.  Certainly get your money's worth on this course.
This last one was actual 'homework' from the art course, it was the first 'journal page' lesson, not like me to use so few colours so was an experience.  We are going to learn more about jewellery and hair yet too, I did enjoy this page also with the collage element.

Not had a whole lot of time for art with the Easter weekend.  Intending to cram lots into today though, always happiest with my pencils and brushes.