Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Art in April

So, I have started my new on-line art course - you can find it here Painted Faces III and just three lessons in I am learning a lot, and I do think my style is improving.
Alongside I am also still working on the People Pleasing book, and learning how to STOP this as it is not good for the health.  Above was to copy down the 10 commandments of a people pleaser and then change them to a new and improved lifestyle, learning that it is okay to put your needs first, or at least to learn to consider them at all.
My new commandments are written out above, not so easy to stick to them but I am trying hard.  Of course the book does not actually 'say' to incorporate this with your art, I just like to do it this way.
Above was just my playing around with my own style, after a lesson in 'features' on the course, I am hoping my facial features are starting to improve, still the lesson on shading to go and today's lesson (or yesterdays for most) is a very long one that I am about to watch.  Certainly get your money's worth on this course.
This last one was actual 'homework' from the art course, it was the first 'journal page' lesson, not like me to use so few colours so was an experience.  We are going to learn more about jewellery and hair yet too, I did enjoy this page also with the collage element.

Not had a whole lot of time for art with the Easter weekend.  Intending to cram lots into today though, always happiest with my pencils and brushes.

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