Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So Much to Learn

One of the best things about my journey in art is all the learning to be done.  Each day I am learning more about how to progress with my art which is the most amazing of experiences.  Okay it does take a bit longer later in life, but I think is more appreciated.

I love doing the faces, but have never been all that thrilled with the hair on my girls, or that sure on what to do in the backgrounds, always wanting them to have a bit more of an interest.  This weeks lessons in Painted Faces III and in Art Geeks have been teaching more about the face and how to enjoy creating your own version of the hair, and in the group we have been discussing surrealism and how to include more into our background pieces.
I think I am getting quite an addiction going on, I have a head just full of paintings waiting to get out, and as usual not enough hours in the day.  Also my little dog was neutered yesterday so she is needing quite a lot of care right now, having said that she has slept most of today which has allowed me to complete another page.
I just finished this one.  Also the majority done this month have been in watercolor, I think I am starting to actually prefer this, after so long fighting it and not really understanding how it works, my next task is to put away my desk full of acrylics.. not saying I wont use them as sure I will but need more space for my watercolors, inks and of course my crayons.. still having a lot of fun in my sketchbook with the crayons.

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