Monday, 20 April 2015

And Still She Paints

My first piece is one I did yesterday in my visual journal.  I am totally hooked on watercolour now and love everything about it.  Also learning a touch of surrealism within the great art group I am in - I am loving this new style.
I also try to do at least one crayon page a day too, as the practice is invaluable and learning how to make this medium work better is a lot of fun.
The art course I am doing is totally amazing I am learning so much, I have never painted so much and never had so much fun.  I just love it.  Although the background inks did not really play the game so well for me, I made the pages too dark, but carried on regardless, must do better at this one.
I think we start week 4 this week.  So half way through which I find so sad as I am enjoying it so much.  Though eager to start each lesson as it appears.  I have even purchased more palette's so I can mix my own colours and have more available.

Just a short blog post today as I am eager to get back to painting.  Dont forget I do have some of my earlier art on sale in my Etsy shop, all helps to pay for supplies that do not come cheap - My Shop

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