Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Please Welcome our new family member

Please give a warm welcome to our new family member 'Rhubarb' (was Drooliet).  We adopted this little girl from the local dogs home last Friday.  Do I need to tell you there has been no art done since?  She is a bit of a full time job just now, especially trying to settle her in with the boys.
The 'live together in harmony' thing is not quite happening yet, we all need to get used to each other for a while.  Though as we are having a few grumps and growls all round I do have to keep my wits about me and have eyes in the back of my head at all times.
Hoping I can get back to doing some sort of art soon as I really do miss it, but with the holiday season upon us too I seem to have very little time, this week is all about sorting the dogs and going out to visit family - hoping Christmas day is not too long, as dont want to be leaving the dogs alone for too long, hubby does usually 'escape' to have to feed them half way through, he does this willingly.  Boxing day is family with us, which will be interesting to say the least.

I doubt there will be much more blogging now till new year when I get back in the art seat with new idea's.

Have a Great Christmas and fantastic new year to all xx

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

100 faces challenge

..and I thought I was all alone in this challenge!  it was pointed out to me in one of my blog posts that there was others doing the same challenge... I found them on instagram.  A great bunch of wonderful artists who set themselves a challenge for one hundred faces.  So I have of course joined in with the instagram posting and found the 'one hundred faces tribe' on a facebook group.
Though I do faces in my journal, and on loose leaf and just about everywhere inbetween my own challenge is to do 100 'Paint Palette Polly's'  I am now up too number 12 - so I am a bit behind the others in the challenge.  But they are teaching me a lot.
You might notice the first faces in my art journal up above are slightly different.  This is me practicing with charcoal and pastels.  Some of the 100 faces tribe do some wonderful art with charcoal, so I dug out my charcoal and chalk pastels too, not quite in their league but then they do paint realism which 'clearly' I do not.
This last 'Polly' here is the usual painted background, but the face was drawn with charcoal and coloured with chalk pastels - made a great change for me.  I have only listed up to number 9 in my Etsy shop and plan to take a break from listing them there in order to take the pressure off and just have more fun with my art.  I have been watching some great video's on youtube by Christy Sobolewski which has led me to dig out the A3 paper and have more fun..
This is a 'work in progress' I am doing - not sure what to do with that lovely background yet, as it is too much for the piece I know, shame to cover it but its just not working.  The girls need finishing off and shading yet too.

Here ends my first post of a new month.  It is now December and here in the UK the weather is turning somewhat chilly, time for the winter duvet tonight as that wind is bitter, might even need the thermals for dog walkies tomorrow.