Friday, 10 April 2015

keeping up

Really struggling to keep up with everything at the moment.  Determined to keep a record of my art works here on blogger as I feel its important to see my own progress and I also hope it may be of help to others.  Above is the second journal page lesson in Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite.  Many have said how lovely the page is, which I agree but .. it is with the help of an excellent teacher.
In our facebook group (Gulfsprite class group) we were discussing the use of other mediums, one of the girls has broke her hand and having to try using her none dominant hand for her art - this started a discussion on adult colouring books and the use of crayola crayons, so some of us went off and had a try at art using just crayola crayons, above was my first attempt.  Not the easiest things in the world to shad with, but I have seen some true masterpieces done, so I have another book on the way to tell me more.  Using crayons is just a wonderful experience.
We were also discussing marker pens, which is something I have previously not got to grips with.  Seems the secret for me is to just 'go for it' with no thought at all and play, this has to be the best thing I have ever done with just markers... It took me about half an hour.
Finally is today's art lesson and journal page.  Not really sure about this one, I do like the face I did but the background is bolder than it should be, I feel a softer approach may have been better.  I have another two pages sketched out though when we were learning 'ears' so hope to find some time to develop those over the weekend.  Though I have visiters tomorrow, and am out most of Sunday as its my birthday, so not looking that great time wise..  I may well be a bit slower next week too as my beautiful little dog is going to the vet to be neutered so I will be spending time caring for her till she is back to full speed.

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