Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My folk art and my Obsessions

Starting with the October Obsessions class with Gulfsprite, you can find out more about this and other classes here Christy's Website 
Above was week one, which is (as requested by me) lesson on collage, I think I am making more progress now, I was struggling on how to connect my collage idea's onto paper, this excellent lesson has helped me understand this concept.  Part of the lesson was to focus on something currently on your mind, I have just started to read Eckhart Tolle's book 'The Power of Now' which has so far given me a lot of much needed help.
This was Lesson 2, and focused on making art from an already chaotic background.  Again I am trying to encorporate other idea's alongside my beloved faces, I am trying to draw other things, but I just want to do faces.. and why not? I feel they can be a bit boring though by themselves.  Also in this peace are some of the folk art theme's I am learning.
Here is another exercise from the Folk Art book I am studying, I have been having some difficulties so I have some better brushes en route to help me with the strokes.  I also learnt 'stippling' new to me, and I enjoy that process.
This one is a bit of everything, the houses were taken from lesson 3 in the book of a house, the tree's from another book, my own garden idea's, and the pigs are collaged from papers, I drew the pig onto and cut out, added a bit of shading too.  I am enjoying this journal, it is very different from my usual ones with 'just' faces in, this one has lots of colour and full pictures.
I am looking into the idea of running off some prints for my Etsy shop at some point, I have looked into giclee prints but they are so expensive it may well be better for me to invest in the archival ink, archival papers and do my own.. watch this space...................  (but dont hold your breath as it might take me a while to finance this idea).

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