Sunday, 26 October 2014

Loving the Abstract Flowers

I am still just loving to paint this style of flowers.  Hopefully they are very much my own and not like any other, as though I learnt the technique in my Obsessions Class I have tried to make them mine.
Its not called an 'Obsessions' class for nothing, I really am getting an addiction to these.  Sadly there has been no interest in the one I added to my Etsy shop as yet, but maybe when the prints are added this will change, lets hope so.  I also did a fabulous lesson on mixed media flowers too, using collage, paint, pencil, inks....
My vase was very popular, but I did only do that how I was taught, and yes I do love it too.  We are also to be taught how to make a journal from a magazine, but I cant wait so did mine already, will probably learn a bit more but I enjoyed this, and it certainly does help when not worrying about precious paper.
As Obsessions has just run for October, the downside is it is due to finish this week, this has been one of my favourite classes EVER and I will be sad when it is done, although at the same time cant wait to see what we learn next week.  I am currently still working on last Friday's lesson which is amazing too, will show you that next time.. I can see me doing more of that style too.  Meanwhile I will leave you with more of my flowers..

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