Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Today is a good one

I sketched this one out last night, and painted today.  Not my usual style at all, but the husband said 'stick with it' which I think meant he liked it.  Its a mixed media piece on A4 mixed media paper.  Last night I caught up on Art Geeks with Gulfsprite, I am a member of Art Geeks as I have been for some time and also take part in many of Christy's classes, she is a super teacher you can find out more on the website here Gulfsprite

As usual I was very inspired last night, and discovered one of my problems of late was my dislike of my current art journal, there is nothing wrong with the journal itself, but as I am so far through it now and the paper was not really meant for so much heavy collage and paint it had got really hard to work with due to the bulk.  Human nature says its such a waste not to use up all the paper in the book... but my total dislike of the whole thing was stopping me bothering at all.  So, today I threw all caution to the wind and got out a new journal.  This one is 40 sheets of 'kraft paper' so a different substrate to work on, but its spiral bound so hopefully will do better.

Gives me a good excuse to decorate the front..
Just need to varnish and then good to go.  I am hoping to continue in my new style in here before 'maybe' moving back to the canvas again.

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