Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Importance of Self Care

Further to my post on Anxiety and Depression, you may remember I mentioned the book 'Potatoes not Prozac'? this is the way to go..  One of the things I am learning is to improve my eating habits - for 30 years my opinion was potatoes were bad and carbohydrates were evil, well I was wrong!  No wonder my mental health suffered so..  There is such a thing as 'good' carbohydrates and one of the healthiest things we can do is start the day with Porridge!  I havent eaten Porridge since I was about 12 when Mum could no longer 'force' me to have breakfast before school.  So vague on the subject was I , I had to 'google' to find out how to cook it.  So, as you see above this is my starter each day, its organic porridge oats and I have honey and nutmeg with mine, it is delicious and really does start off my day well.  Also prevents the 10am craving for cake, or biccies with my tea - added bonus.
Next of course is regular exercise.  See above menacephyconutjobdog I mentioned yesterday, this is taken today on walk number 1, not quite as busy today as the weather is cloudy and its first day back at school for the small people - therefore I managed to take my 'eye of the ball' for a quick second and take his photo to show you.  I do let him off for a run 'sometimes' but not quiet enough today, he has an off lead time at weekend with the husband who is braver than I.  Walk number 2 was good as usual with the other two dogs, had a bit of a nature walk today .. alas, not so many wild flowers around as there can be..
but still the 'odd' wild rose about.  These gave me a great method of aromatherapy during the summer months, not only are they beautiful but also have a fabulous fragrance.

I have also learnt the importance of extra supplements too and have taken Omega 3 for over a month now.  The 'proper' ones from the health shop - I was lucky enough to meet with a nutritionist while I was there who taught me a lot, the one a day I was taking was not enough. neither was the EDA content in the jar I had.  Today I have taken delivery of Vitamin B Complex.  Improved my diet to contain more fish, veg and potatoes.  All important stuff for self care - as if you dont care for yourself, who else is going too?

Of course creativity and Art are vital too - this makes me very happy.
Here is another exercise from the Tracy Vedergo book I am enjoying.  A bit of a messy collage but I am still learning, I cant become the best collage artist in the UK just yet - still needs a bit of work.  Still looking forward to making my own papers, and again my postie has not brought my new supplies.  Tomorrow is not a good art day for me as too many other commitments going on, also not a day for blogging........... or at least it wasnt going to be............ till I was reminded by Rita from the 'Artful Tribe' that I am meant to be taking part in a blog hop......... so that is now on today's list of 'must do' ready to go live tomorrow.
This is my first page of 'faces' to be used in future collage work - great way of doing a little art at a time too, and improving the sketching skills.  I never knew how this was done before in collage work I admired, its all to do with using as much of your own work as possible.  Having said that, my next 'task' after this is off out to local shops for dog food and milk and call in at the charity shop on the way to my parents to pick up some old magazines and maybe books and frames too depending on what they have today.

Until tomorrows blog hop thats me done - have a good day and remember the importance of self care.  Thank you to those who visited yesterday and left comments.. much appreciated x


  1. Great post! I just made a firm decision yesterday to start taking care of myself. I also have depression and ha e always known what to do to help, but never do it! I wrote up a list yesterday titled How To Be My Best Self. It will be a gradual process but I'm committed to moving forward.

    I have to say that if it weren't for my art, I'd still be sitting on the couch all day.

    Thank you for this post and the encouragement to care for myself.

  2. Yay for self care!! It's so important to do isn't it? But probably one of the easiest things to let slip, especially when the depression sets in. It's a bit of a catch-22.

    I tried going on a non-carb diet once lol, I lasted about 1 day until I felt so faint. Carbs are good, but you just need to pick the complex slow-release ones, like porridge. Weetabix works too for me.

  3. Great blog post, Lynda. Your porridge looks delicious! I can't eat it.. not even the gluten-free kind. I love porridge, but it doesn't love me. I got hubby to start taking Omega-3 supplements to help with his skin psoriasis. It seems to be helping. I, too, need to make daily exercise a habit. Loving the smaller faces for collage and your Tracy Verdugo exercises. Superb!!

  4. Debbie, I am so pleased to be of some help. It does take time I am only at the beginning too. Thanks Iris, another friend was just telling me brown rice is also good for the B vits. Yes, Omega-3 have helped my psoriasis too I forgot to mention that one, its good for a lot of things but having to get the 'right' one can be confusing.