Tuesday, 16 September 2014

geli prints improving

Last week I finally purchased a larger geli plate to try improve this - 'design my own papers' thing.  That and the research I did made a few improvements I feel to the fun I had over the weekend with paint a plenty and the plate.
These are just a few 'works in progress' I did, I am working on a couple of pages with these to try put something together.
The colours have not come out so well in my pictures as they actually were, not sure how I managed that? must have been bad light when I placed them on the kitchen floor, they are a lot brighter and more colourful in 'real' life.
I can recommend this geli plate printing to anyone, who wishes to loose a few hours, make a lot of mess and just have some fun.  The pages I am working on now are lacking in something, so hopefully today I am going to have a try at making some of my own stamps and see if that improves them any.  I also did a journal page on Sunday, the background was insprired by IrisImpressions.  The whimsy figure is just showing things are not so great on a personal level just now, hence my absence from the groups of late.

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