Friday, 5 September 2014

You just gotta laugh

You may have read my last blog post, were my ambition for the future is to be the UK's best collage artist?  Well, nobody needs to worry just yet - I think this may well take more time than I thought.  Today I have had my very first attempt at printing my own papers..
It did not go so well.  Try as I might they looked nothing like the 'how to' video I watched.  Not that they were meant to be the same, they are to be 'mine' but they were also to be 'beautiful' something I am not quite grasping yet.  But I figured just to show we all have to start somewhere and not all of us can achieve perfection at first attempt, and lets face it - it can only get better, right?
I will spare you them all, I did about 30 just to be sure they were all as bad as each other..

After making the most wonderful mess, (next time I might just remember the newspaper too) of both me and everywhere else I called it a day.  Not that I was giving up you understand, I had a fantastic time causing all this havoc.. but........something needed to be done.  So, I watched the video again and made some notes, I think I have the idea now.  But I have cleared away for the day, and although it is only salad we do still need some space to prepare dinner - tomorrow is another day, and I will do better.  I had even prepared a journal page ready to perform my first collage masterpiece of this type.
As I used the same three colours for my printing and my page.  (with black and white added).  My message for today is unlike me who would usually have given up on this process, keep at it.  I really want to be able to do this and make it right so if it takes me a couple more days, or a couple more months I will keep on trying.

Now its time for me and Jaja to visit the park for his evening walk - I think I better change first, luckily another first for me today was to change into painting clothes first, so I have not ruined anything today.  I will also need to take a brush to my hands later before preparing that salad, as due to using gel medium too my hands are a disaster zone.  Here is Jaja taken on yesterday's beach walkies.
Dont forget, if it doesnt work out first time, keep trying - and keep having fun!


  1. Great message Lynda! I used to see people creating wonderful things, and then I'd try and it just... sucked lol. But now that I've been doing things for a lot longer, I do stuff and it's... kind of alright, or actually quite good. And it's all about practice.

    Good luck with the next session!

  2. It looks like you had a good time pulling those prints! I think the trick to any print is layers.. lots of layers.. Remember in the video how she divided them into three stacks... papers that are ready.. papers that need just a bit more work.. and papers that need a lot more work (or cutting up for other papers)... Nothing to waste. I think there are some differences with paper too though.. Both exact kinds of paper used in the video aren't available here. Both tissues are pretreated.. the non-wax deli paper has an acrylic coating and the tissue has a special treatment on it to keep it from wrinkling. I have a roll of tracing paper that is a little bit thicker than tissue. Will give it a try this weekend and if it works will let you know where I got it on Ebay. I'd let the layers dry on what you've already done and add some more layers... at least with the papers that you don't particularly like. Love your post! You gave me the giggles.. Always do! xx

  3. Lynda you are so funny! In my heart I do wonderful artwork but it never seem to look as good on the page! Keep on keeping on --- you are my hero!
    Sandy xx

  4. Thanks all, as you will soon see its not getting much better:(