Tuesday, 2 September 2014

An Interesting Blog

One of my talented artist friends recently shared an important feature with us.  One of the things shared was how to make your blog 'interesting' so here goes.... Not sure I agree but we are told that just because we think our days are not so interesting others might, and in order to sell our art work the public like to know about the artist.
The above picture is me this morning on my second daily dog walk on our local beach, not quite 'golden sands' as you see but with a good zoom from my camera I can see Blackpool on a clear day like today.
Look closely, can you see it?

On dog walk number 2 I have my own dog Jaja, who is a lurcher aged 11.  We adopted Jaja as a 14 week old puppy in rescue, so we do know his Mummy was a Greyhound x Terrier, but father was alas unknown........never did manage a penny of maintenance payments from him..

With us on walk number 2 is Bailey, who is an 8 year old Golden Retriever.  I have been walking Bailey for a friend of mine for just over 6 years now, he also stays with me when his Dad is on holiday, he is rather handsome.

All the pictures here were taken today, great intentions of taking my camera each day now as I am soon to start a new art course in 'collage' so need my own pictures - also of course for interesting blog posts.  No pictures from walk number 1 today, some of you may be aware walk number 1 is with the more 'difficult' dog - despite going early on in the morning on good weather days there are still far too many people around for him (and me) to deal with so I need my wits about me.  Hopefully as Autumn draws closer my regular dog walk will be quieter and I can include pictures of him too.
Lady Luck

I finally got around to finishing my large canvas I have worked on for sometime, she is to be called 'Lady Luck' today I have added my last coat of varnish (hence the outdoor picture) so she will be listed in my Etsy shop soon..... probably next week.
Lastly, if you saw my last blog post to try win a place on the latest e-course with Tracy Verdugo - you will see I also have her book, I love it - its not a 'teaching' book as such but does try to teach you to 'let go' and encourage you to do your own thing.  This is my take on the first exercise in the book which was great fun to do, I am hoping to do another today.
I have also recently learnt some new techniques to make my own collage papers, I just cannot wait to get started on those - despite a lot of purchases made on-line to do this and be sure I have everything on the supply list for my latest course nothing has turned up in today's post..........I am so impatient to get started on making my own stamps and my own papers, but guess I have to wait another day.


  1. Oh my goodness! I can see Blackpool Tower and the roller coaster! I didn't realize that you were so close to Blackpool! I was just telling hubby the other day that we should go to Blackpool again for a few days.. Super love your large canvas.. Love how you incorporated playing cards into it. Stunning! I look forward to seeing your collage papers when all your supplies arrive! X

  2. I am loving your butterfly piece...I have family in England...the pic makes me want to save my money so I can come and visit them. kitty :)

  3. I loved seeing the dogs and your lovely walks. Obviously others know what Blackpool is but I don't. Your large canvas is quite smart as is you pretty butterfly.
    Sandy xx

  4. Stephanie, sounds good one way of finally meeting up maybe? Blackpool is about an hour away for me by car. Sorry Sandy, Blackpool is a popular seaside resort in the UK. Thanks Kitty, maybe one day then.