Thursday, 4 September 2014

Artful Tribe Blog Hop

Loving this logo, not my design but Rita who put this and the Artful Tribe together.  This is an interesting blog hop to tell you a bit about the artist's taking part, we are to answer four questions.  Please be sure to check out the others the names link to the information -

1.  Your Story so far..........
I have this 'in brief' at the side in my 'about me' bit here on my blog.  But basically I always wanted to draw and paint, like many I suspect I did so as a child with the real abandonment I am trying to learn again now.  But once my art teacher let me know I was rubbish that was it, never picked up a pencil or paintbrush again till 2011, when a chance reading on the internet showed me you could 'learn' to draw it was not just a talent that was born.  This was a real revolation to me and so I made a start, my first youtube video's were watching the superb illustrator Shoo Rayner who I learnt a lot from.

I then went on to take on-line journal classes with Suzi Blu and Effy Wilde - discovering the Art Journal was like the most precious gift ever.
From there I took an awful lot more on-line classes with various mixed media teachers and begin my vast and obsessive book collection on all things mixed media and art.  My mind a constant explosion of what could be done with more hours in the day, so much to discover and so much to do.. I still had the fear of being 'rubbish' and up to this year firmly believed nothing I did would be 'good enough' that was for sure.  I just had to learn to enjoy the process.  This years Lifebook class taught me a lot, some great teachers on there, but I think what moved me forward the most was joining Art101 with others and encouraging each other, learning that all art is 'ART' and learning to love what I created.. it might be that others do not but that is their choice, if I like it and it makes me happy that is the main thing.  I put art up for sale in the hope I do not become buried under a torrential glut of canvas never to be seen again and of course to try fund my paint and brushes, none of which come cheap.

2. Goals for the future
I still have an ambition to display my art in a gallery - but the local art group did not exhibit this year, hoping they will next year.  Also as I mentioned yesterday I am so much in love with collage I hope to one day be the best UK collage artist (too much ambition?).
Selling one of my large paintings on Etsy would be good too.

3. Biggest Influences
Oh my, there are far too many influences out there.  My main ones are the one's whose classes I have taken, that I admire the most.  Effy Wilde, Christy Sobolewski, Andrea Gomoll, Jane Davenport, Tracy Verdergo........... to name just a few.
I am currently reading the story of Frida Kahlo which is just fascinating me so much, I know she will be featured in an art course I am taking this month, so look forward to learning more.
The latest influence for me is Anne Bagley who has taught me to design my own papers and stamps which I cannot wait to get started on, she is the most talented collage artist I have seen so far.

4. Fave Media
You may have guessed this one by now:) but my favourite is mixed media - I cannot make a choice, currently is mostly collage and acrylics though.  Not quite got to grips with watercolour and really not enough patience for oils, I did try though and love the effects.

Hope you enjoyed my story so far.  Please do not forget to check out the links up above to the other artists taking part and to read their stories.  Thank you to Rita from Artful Tribe for the opportunity to tell my story and for sharing it on your group.


  1. Ha! I knew you would love Anne Bagley's videos! I keep wanting to watch that one over and over again. It's amazing what she does! You have pure talent for girl faces.. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish once you start making your own paper and put them together with the amazing faces. But, I think we will have to share the title of Best Collage Artist in the UK. :P

  2. I thought of you when I said that, you can be the best collage artist in 'Scotland'. Thanks so much for sharing your info with me x

  3. We have a deal then! Gosh, if only politicians could compromise so easily! You're certainly welcome. X

  4. Thank you for sharing your art and yourself Lynda. You are both amazing artists LOL. xxxx

  5. Thank you anon, for your comment.

  6. Hi Lynda! Very nice to meet you via this blog hop and visit your lively blog. You can NEVER have too much ambition. My advice for you is to go for whatever your heart desires. I really enjoyed reading your post! I'll be back for more :) Thank you so much for sharing your art and story. I have no doubt that you will go far.