Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bit of a new style

Having a play in my art journal I did some painted backgrounds the other day, wasn't really up to doing much else, I was also doing some research on art and discovering a love of folk art, so just 'might' start heading in that direction.  Above is a soft pastel picture on the painted background, also used some inks on the background too.
This is a copy of one I saw on the internet, sorry I didnt write down the artists name but thought it was a bit of fun to paint on the background I had done and made a change from faces, I do intend to practice a few animals to add to my pictures.  I did some shading and additions with pastels on this one too, not really thought of using them in the mixed media pieces before - downside is the fixative is now 'setting' them in my journal before I can move on.
I am also having 'another' go with the citrasolve pages which is not going so well, this is take 3 of the experiment - at this rate I will be using the stuff to clean with instead.
Finally a picture of the boys at the beach yesterday, look how well behaved Custer is looking!  That is due to the training he has been having with his Daddy, he did have one 'slip up' when he ran off to another dog but he was very good with the dog.  No pictures today as he was NOT good at all, we were on a different walk though which is quite new to them as we dont go so often - having said that when he did run off he didnt cause any chaos and was good with all the other dogs so that is a bonus.

I have the book on carving stamps now, so may well do some more of that now my finger has recovered, lots of good tips in the book of 'how'.


  1. Really like these!!! Sorry to hear the citrasolv isn't going well, Lucy seems to be having results, maybe ask for tips?

  2. Beautiful dogs, which one is which?

    When are we going to see the fruits of the stamp making? ;)

  3. Thanks Iris, no idea were I am going wrong with the Citrasolve, but its getting me down now, 5 attempts now and I just cannot get to grips with it.
    Dogs are Bailey (retriever), Jaja (lurcher) Custer (labrador). Still working on making stamps, slow process as it gives me neck ache, must have a try with some soon.