Monday, 8 September 2014

She keeps on Trying

Here are the handsome boys on yesterday's sunny walkies.  As it was Sunday we stayed off the beach, nice day/seaside resort.. gets too much really.  So we went out early to the nature reserve were it was very quiet, after a zillion awful photo's they eventually did this for me, in a nice setting and looking lovely - they can oblidge sometimes.  Walk one did not happen, again it was just too busy to take a difficult dog out, he has been today though, and I am almost recovered.
So.. to the art, I kept trying.......
and its still not getting any better.  As Sandy commented on my last post, not quite turning out how it is in my head.. or as I see others do.  I confess, i gave up and went to watch an Art Geeks video instead..
This was inspired by one of Christy Sobolewski's Art Geek video's on 'masks' which I loved, might have another go at different masks yet, love the concept of this.  The background was all my papers then two layers of (too thick) glazes so I could practice them.  Still inspired I did this one too..
The poor girl turned out to be so ugly I made her into a bloke instead.. it was only fair.  Though of course his lips are a bit on the full side.  Added some collage bits (they were meant to be buildings) and another two glazes that I thought were a little more successful than the last attempt.  

Not sure what to do about the paper designs, I have looked up some books but not really found one that covers what I want as yet.


  1. Lovely boys in the first photo! I think your handmade papers are grand and just need a bit of highlighting with a white or colour gel pen to make the designs pop off the page.. Love your bloke and the comments about him!