Wednesday, 17 September 2014

First Try at Stamp Making

As usual I am far too impatient to wait for the arrival of my book to teach me how to do this, having said that I did order it a week ago and have been told not to expect it for another 4 days, not the greatest of delivery times 'Amazon' eh? and yes it is direct from them not a cheaper option, so I am not so thrilled with the wait having paid full price for the books I ordered.  Might as well have ordered from the USA, would have been here faster.
So, here are my very first attempts at carving my own.  Look!! I have even used newspaper to protect my table, that and I need to be sure to catch all the bits with having dogs in the house it is important.
You see, I do have the 'idea' just not quite the required skill as yet.  This was the last one I did, as the reason they say 'carve AWAY from you' is if you get your fingers in the way, as I did... this is what will happen......
It is only a small (ish) cut but enough to stop play as any further pressure and it bleeds again which is a bit irritating.  That and today I was playing with paper and citrasolve and that hurts when it gets in the cut, also manages to find any further cuts you didnt know you had - ouch.

I did use the stamps on my finished geli plate pictures so they worked a bit, but not as I would like so more practice needed.. and maybe I will await that book.


  1. Where they easy to carve? I saw that they sell a carving block on Amazon that keeps your lino plate or rubber from slipping. I'm sure your husband could easily make you one though. It's just a couple of bits of wood put together to form a corner. Pvt message me if you can't find it on Amazon, so that he can see what it looks like.. :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie, would be so sure though. DIY is not his strongest point:)

  3. Oh Lynda I did laugh, I know I shouldn't have! It wasn't so much the injury as the fact you dived in before the book arrived. I can relate to that but it is what happens when you have new toys + enthusiasm. Also the fact that waiting for Amazon is like waiting for a tortoise....don't they know our art forays cannot wait for them?!

    I was wondering which printmaking tools you would suggest? I have fancied doing this for a while but not sure which ones to start with. I love your flower btw, what a gorgeous stamp!