Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Art Every Day

Still going strong and managing to do some form of art every day, even those days when time is so short I manage to do something.
Not everything turns out the way I would like, but I do feel I am making lots of progress and at the same time having plenty of idea's of the direction I would like to go.
The main thing is to enjoy what you do, and one of the BIGGEST lessons I have just learnt in my 'disease to please' book... is about seeking approval, this can be as bad for you as many other things in life.  Luckily my Mum gives me lots of encouragement and approval, but learning not to seek it elsewhere is a very important lesson, and once that can be shaken it is another way of freeing up your anxieties and concentrating on pleasing yourself.. and why not?
Now my pages have been photographed I can see I do need to work on the shape's of their faces a little, they are reminding me of 'spitting image' puppets, LOL.  I am enjoying this new journal too, its a Strathmore Mixed Media 9" x 12" so a nice size and the paper takes a lot of layers with no struggles too.
I have purchased some great fashion books to copy my models from and learn more poses for them.  Finally back to have idea's a plenty and not enough free hours to put them on paper, but rather that than a lack of mojo or enthusiasm.  Those of us lucky enough to have found art are very fortunate, we can shut out the rest of our worries and live on our pages of colour for a while............ Bliss.
anyone who suffers from this awful affliction of 'People Pleasing' I cannot recommend this book enough it shows you exactly what this can do to you, and explains why it needs to stop and you need to learn to start living for you!

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