Monday, 23 March 2015

keeping up the practice

It is harder than I thought to keep this up!  But so far so good, I have managed to drag myself into the arty space every day and do 'something' not always a finished page but 'something' involving a brush, crayon or pencil.
Not every face is perfect or 'great' but niether is every day, nor every face in reality.  The good news is though there is a new course called Painted Faces III with Gulfsprite, starting on April 1st - and my seat is 'almost' booked.
I feel sure there will be a marked improvement in what you see then.  I need help with shading I know, and a few other of the finer details.
As you see, above all a visual journal is a place to 'play' it really doesnt matter if each page is not a total 'delight' often they are not, and most people do not have to even show them to a soul if they would rather not.  Must say I do have pages that are really 'bleugh' and even I dont own up to.
Still working on the bodies too, not going so well as yet, but at least I am not shying away from them and having a go.  Must say I do like this visual journal to work in, the paper is good as is the size (I think its 12 x 9) though I do prefer to work larger this is good too, really could not go much smaller though.
Above was a page I finished off a couple of hours ago, it is the hair I was working on and I used coloured pencil on a lot of the face and hair alongside paints and inks.  Yes, her nose and mouth are a bit dodgy but hey................ its a nice background...  I even used my gelatos on this one, not had those out to play for a while.

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