Monday, 9 March 2015

People Pleasing

Have you noticed how nice and friendly my blog has always been? never an opinion, or any phrase or offering that just 'might' offend somebody somewhere?  This is part of the definition of 'People Pleasing'.  I had no idea what this actually was until recently (actually this weekend) whilst reading This Book I read that the author had penned another book called 'disease to please' I have ordered this one too.
I always thought that pleasing people was a good thing, it would make you a nice person and gain love and respect from those around you.... WRONG!!! it is very bad and take it from me it can also make you very ill.
To learn more after some on-line research I found this video on you tube that tells you more and starts the path to sorting this out.  As my daughter is often keen to remind me, I will be in my 50th year next year, and spent an entire lifetime trying to please, and trying to please two specific people in my life, who have always bullied and put me down, stamped on my confidence and near destroyed me.  The above video just explained in no uncertain terms that I will NEVER make them happy or gain their approval, and why on earth do I find it necessary to seek approval from anyone?  Now is the time to begin living for me....
Here is the new Strathmore journal I treated myself too.  The first picture is my first page... When I purchased it last week it was to be my 'happy journal'.  Hopefully it still will be my Happy Journal, but more likely it will be my 'honest' journal, I may share some of the pages here but not all - not because they might offend you, but to keep some things more private.
Above is my 50/100 faces I am still working through with my arty pals on instagram.  The background was not my idea but shamelessly stolen from Jenniebellie, its 'spirograph' I highly recommend this childhood toy, its just so much fun - I also got some stencils to match.  The face was drawn in inktense pencil, which is why there is so much blue.. I think she has attitude, do you?

Dont be like me, and try to please everyone.  It is an impossible task.


  1. I've been discovering very similar things Lynda. I'd love to know the real you =)

    I seriously love spirograph. I really want to see if I can find some now!

  2. Thanks Iris, lovely chatting with you the other day x