Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Lowly Crayon

Whilst browsing the internet on Sunday I made an amazing discovery, I found artists who used only the crayon! With the single most fabulous results, I set to work immediatly to follow my dream of being the first UK crayon artist... I think maybe I have a bit to go yet though.. See my first attempt above, although this is with the only thing I had at hand which was a 50p box of 24 crayons, so the quality would be about as poor as you could get really.  I did order a box of Crayola which I am eagerly awaiting.
I then did the more sensible approach and followed a tutorial from 'Glen Donley' who is a Crayola Crayon Artist..
Not bad for a box of ultra cheap crayons eh?  Even my biggest critic the husband remarked "well, at least it does 'look' like an apple" so that's good from him.
I did of course then get over ambitious again and try more faces - I dont think Glen needs to worry just yet though..
It is great fun though, and if nothing else for anyone who (like me) uses an art journal it is a great and cheap way to fill those pages, I do often worry about the cost of acrylic paints just to throw at a journal.  Once my crayola's have turned up that is it for me and art supplies for some time - unless I manage to create and sell a masterpiece, or some bags from my etsy shop (see link, hint hint).

Today I have been playing in watercolour, will blog about those next - I did after watching an excellent art video by Christy make just one last purchase of some 'absorbant ground' for watercolour so I can do backgrounds too, you can watch Christy here Christy's great pages

Have fun out there, and if you have access to some Crayola Crayons, I do recommend giving them a try its a lot of fun.


  1. I can't believe what you've done, just with crayons! And not Crayola ones at that....
    Lovely faces as always!

    Dawn xx

  2. Thank you Dawn, you are too kind. I have Crayola now, and having a blast, highly recommended and much cheaper than our usual supplies.