Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Drawing, Drawing.. always drawing

Still busy wading my way through the course, the one I told you about here above is my first try at the lesson on the 'mouth' not bad eh? I learnt a lot on that one.  Next was the 'hair' we were told to just leave the face part, but I had to just have a try while I was there..
I will have to go back and do that one again, must have been a lot to take in as next time I tried the hair did not do so well.  I do these exercises, then a few practice runs, then a bit of the illustration lessons, then have a blast in my art journal for fun, usually throwing plenty of paint and ink around, I was forced to remember last night a good way to get ink from your hands is to use shampoo - yes I got in a mess, but I did have plenty of fun.  My drawing's are improving but I still cannot paint for toffee, I enjoy it but not so good.  Having said that, I am going to have a try with watercolour soon, something I have not done for a very long time, went to watch some video's on that first, so I have learnt there is a bit more too it that just slapping it down with the brush, so will see how it goes.

I then had a try at our first portrait on the course, sadly her nose is a bit 'off' but still, she is an improvement on my past attempts which I think is the main thing.
I have printed out a fair few faces and a couple of dogs to practice on - so see how I get on, not finished the course yet of course, still the 'round up' to watch and some bonus video's, like there is one on more detail for the hair which I am sure will be most useful.

I do spend an awful lot of time doing this, but then I do have a dream to be a portrait artist....... maybe one day.  I would also love to be able to draw dogs, that actually do look like dogs.

Not all my time is drawing, I am still working hard to train the wayward rescue dog - this is now involving 'clicker' training which I am learning too, as is he.  Custer is doing pretty well 'off lead' but on lead not so well, he really needs to learn to calm down which is what we are working on.

Also been doing some cooking, my wonderful friend also bought me an indian cook book for the slow cooker, we had 'Lamb Red Chilli' the other day which was good, bit too much chilli for me but OH liked it, today is 'English Curry Pork Chops' certainly smells good bubbling away in there.  Its Lamb Madras next, but have to remember to marinade that over-night for best results.

Hope all in the UK are enjoying the rain we are getting - I really dont mind the rain, but could do with a day or so to get my washing dry now please it is starting to mount up.


  1. Well done Lynda the large pic of the mouth is spot on, and you've got the hair very natural looking in the other 2 x

  2. Hi Lynda! You are making leaps and bounds in drawing faces! I really like the hair on the second picture. She looks like a friend I haven't seen for years. Very nice!!! Hugs, Rasz

  3. Wow, thanks Julie - real compliment coming from you. Thanks Rasz too, hair is not as easy as I thought, but at least its not all spaghetti hair now LOL.

  4. Well done Lynda, that hair on the second picture is fantastic and so natural looking!

    Dawn x