Saturday, 28 September 2013

Pencils and Crayons

I think its safe to say I am fully back in the swing of things now.  The above face was the first thing I had a go at on my return from holiday, just got out the pencils and had a play, the face is not copied from anywhere just appeared on the paper, so no idea who (if anyone) she is meant to be.  Just some shading practice really.
I then had a go at copying a face from a photo - alas he really does have an 'odd' face, but not this odd... If anyone can recognise the poor bloke its meant to be the lead from the group "Train".
Took me a good few hours to do that one, I know I still have a way to go - but can see improvement so thats the main thing.
Yesterday was not a good day, Friday's are always pretty busy - but I had little sleep the night before, then my car broke down and that was a HUGE hassle to deal with, all I really wanted to do was return home and hide back in bed, but no! I forced myself to just have a play with the crayons, have some fun and learn how to shade better..
These are with the Crayola Crayons I purchased, I have the box of 96 which are fabulous, and some decent sharpeners to go with them.  I realised that working with the crayon's is very similar to colour pencils, so got those out too and had another play with them - I had bought rather a lot with my Christmas money, and never really got to grips with them - might be another worthwhile medium too.
Next week I am going to try some new projects with crayon, not just faces for a change.. might do me good to have a break.  Never much in the way of free time at weekends, so trying to learn not to stress about it and just go with that, there is always next week - not sure its a good thing but I would always rather just be drawing that much else really, but weekends are about family and visiting, so must leave the pencils behind.


  1. More fabulous faces Lynda, I especially like the first pencil one. I've no idea how you can draw something like that just from imagination :)

  2. Thanks Dawn, its because I am rubbish at copying LOL. Try again today, but not faces.

  3. I love the way your work is coming along Lynda! My favourite is the first portrait and I think it's amazing that you made her up!

  4. Awww, thanks Jen - look forward to seeing more of you soon x

  5. I really love all your faces Lynda! You are doing a great job. I use a lot of colored pencils in my art and never thought of crayons. How fun! Guess I have to go out and buy a box! Hugs!

  6. Thanks Rasz, you should - they are such fun, and much cheaper than artists pencils thats for sure:)