Monday, 30 September 2013

More Crayon Art and Exciting News

I decided it was about time for a change, I will still be practicing faces daily, but about time I tried something new.  This is my first try at a wild animal, all in crayola crayon again.  I thought I would go for something easy to distinguish, so even if it went wrong most could at least tell what he was 'meant' to be.

NOW, for my news....................... my arty friend Dawn, (the one who comments here LOL) had an idea for starting a new group for people like us.  The ones who are trying really hard with their art, but often feel a bit intimidated by the wealth of talent in the groups we belong too, and often feel a bit of a confidence kick with some well meaning but ill thought comments, or more often no comments at all.  You can find Dawns blog here - Dawn's Blog
So, she has started a Facebook Group called "Absolute Beginners Art" for people out there like us.  Now this is NOT for established artists, unless they would like to help out with encouragement.  But for beginners and those who need a bit of support.  Not one to be left on sidelines I have volunteered to help Admin the group too, although we are hoping it will just stay quite small, but who knows?  depends on how many of us are out there.

The new group can be found here Absolute Beginners Art

One last rule, it is not a group for selling or promotion either, just support.


  1. Fantastic post Lynda, thankyou! I'm loving the group already and you've summed it up perfectly here I think!
    Dawn x

  2. Thanks Dawn, yes its going well and some lovely members too.