Thursday, 5 September 2013

sketch practice

Just as it was all going well tragedy struck and my on-line video instructions stopped working, so less than half way through my portrait class I am all alone.  Just waiting to find out which end the fault is at, may well be mine as I did struggle with youtube yesterday too - though that is working fine now.  So, yesterday I thought I would tackle a face on my new sketch pad - sometimes it does help with nice pencils and posh paper LOL.  You may be able to tell I have not covered hair as yet, so this is not one of my strong points ....
.. but I did think he was an improvement on other efforts, also I was once asked on here to try a male face - this one was not really intentional, but must say he is the third one I have done that has turned out male.  I had another go today on watercolour paper - dont think this is ideal for pencil work, but you dont know till you try..
Hair really is not one of my best points, and I know there are many a fault with this face, but I do still think she is an improvement - so as long as I am going in the right direction I am quite happy.
I fully intended to join in with the 29 faces this time, but alas I am not available to blog all the way through this month so missed out again.  Shame as I do draw at least one face per day and have done for some time.

The weather has taken a turn today, was fairly pleasant earlier on, though did keep clouding over which meant I needed to take a coat on the 'many' and I mean 'many' dog walks I have done today (dont ask) so often been too warm.  Not something I will suffer from tomorrow and over the weekend, I believe we are in for quite a lot of rain - always hard to get things dry at this time of year, as not time for heating yet, and many waterproofs are not dryer friendly.  The dogs are not keen on rain either, so thats always amusing, I dont get to walk so far and have sulky, wet dogs in the house.

On the hunt for a recipe now, had some pork belly in the freezer for sometime, it needs using now - but what on earth to do with it? lets go see what Delia thinks..........


  1. Looking great Lynda, I think your faces are lovely and so full of expression.

    My cat is very sulky today too with all the rain - he looks at us as if he expects us to make it stop!!

    Dawn x

  2. Hi Lynda! I really like all your faces :) As for anything you see wrong, I see a lot wrong with mine when I look in the mirror. That's what makes us unique, right?

    My dog doesn't like rain either and she is a hound dog! She walks under the umbrella with me! Too much!

    Our weather here is DRY and smokey from all the fires. Its nice and cool in the early morning and then 40 degrees hotter in the afternoon to boiling! We could use your rain :)

    Have fun drawing. You are doing awesome faces! Hugs, Rasz

  3. Thanks Dawn, look forward to seeing some of your sketch progress too.

    Thanks for visiting Rasz, just been to see you too! LOL, I know those mirror feelings, try to avoid those most of the time. Sorry, but I am keeping our rain and our much needed cooler weather, I really do not like the heat you are more than welcome to that.