Friday, 4 October 2013

Work in Progress

Still 'trying' always 'trying'.  I just might have taken on a bit too much here, but lets see how it goes.  For once I am taking my time, not that I have a lot of choice this week as not much free time and when I do get some my lighting is not good enough, I do prefer working in daylight.
This one is with lots of pencils and on bristol board, so I am trying to make a good go of it, and I may well be some time.  I will post the results when I finish.

Our new Facebook group (in last blog post) is going well, its a small group just now but of like minded souls so we are all enjoying it.  Though it is not letting me post pictures on there just now, so about to do a google seach see if I can find out why?

Alongside the serious art I have to play too, so I do other things in my journal - I had a quick play with oil pastels last night...
Were I made the amazing discovery... not to close the page onto graphite without using fixative!  hence her very unbecoming beard!  I have now fixed her but that was a valuable lesson.  I am also still playing with the crayons too.

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