Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not another art course?

Afraid so!!! had some bad news this week (no need to go into that one).  So, what happens when you have bad news? you go spend money you dont have! (or is that just me?)
So, after YEARS of wanting, I signed up for LIFEBOOK 2014 it doesn't actually start until January 2014, but it just HAD to be done.

While I was there, I just could not resist the special offer to sign up to 'Fabulous Faces' with Tamara Laport too.  I had been working my way through her free course, and there was 'some' improvement.  Here is my first face on the course..
I was quite happy with her, today I have done the 3/4 one...
Its the first time I have done a face this way - great tutorial, must be if I can do it.

I also finished the WIP I showed you last time, not happy with that though, I think I took on too much with it, was just over faced with three to do so it did not go so well, but at least I finished, will try again one day.
That will do for now.  I am soooooooooooooo excited about Lifebook 2014, there are 22 super talented mixed media tutors, how cool is that?   Turns out one of them is local to me too, going to say hi shortly, be nice to just make contact.
Our Facebook group 'Absolute Beginners' is still going well, hence the lack of blog posts as I tend to show work off there these days - saves me just writing to Dawn:)


  1. You definitely deserved a treat Lynda and the fabulous faces course looks like so much fun. I can't wait for Lifebook 2014! Gorgeous artwork :-)

  2. Oh, hi Jen - thank you for taking time to look and comment. The faces course is amazing, not just for learning but the fun of watching too. I cant wait for Lifebook either, and much better to have you and Dawn to share it with x

  3. Hi Lynda! Sorry about the bad news. I think we need to treat ourselves to something that feels good when we feel not so good!. I miss being out here looking at all your drawings. You are so good and it's fun to watch the different faces you do! Hope you are okay. Hugs, Rasz

  4. Thanks Rasz, so kind of you to say so - I know you appreciate rotten health stuff too xx