Monday, 5 August 2013

From Start to Finish

Its not often I do the whole picture on the same day - Its not often I have the time, or of late could actually spend that long in the Art Space.  But today has rained for most of the day, and I have been up since 5.20am for Hubby's new job.........yawn.  Just had the dogs to walk, a few chores in the village and the day was mine.
So, I started off with a sketch..........
Must confess, this one is not straight out of my befuddled head, but I did have a reference model from a fashion magazine, at least the features do seem to be in proportion so good start.
Then I did some underpainting with Acrylics..
Now then, that has made her really scary.  While this was drying I was working in my art journal, now thats drying so not finished as yet.
When dry it was time to get the oil pastels out and some coloured pencils - background was art bars and water...
Think I need to find a lesson in eyelashes as they were not so good, but was quite happy with the rest of the face and the hair was an improvement on my usual faces so quite happy with that too.


  1. Beautiful, its amazing what a difference the pastel layer makes. I must attempt colouring at some point but it scares me!! Dawn x

  2. Thanks Dawn, why scared? nobody has to see what you do - it is 'just' paper!